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Finally! One Week Before!

As is my usual "problem", I was too well-planned, so this past week, I had little to do except wait...until closer to the party date. I am excited and hyper. I can't WAIT!

Today: (Saturday)
Clean house
Wash all glasses on bar (over 120)
Clean yard and all patio furniture/BBQ (Brad)

Brunch with Marcia and David

Work 10 hrs. (supervision/therapy)
Take out all serving pieces

Bristol Farms
Albertsons – rest of groceries

Make Butterscotch Cake
Have windows washed
Clean house

Prep Hot Crab dip
Prep Cippolini Onion dish
Black and white cake
Panna Cotta
Get nails done
Gail, John, Sandi, Jerry arrive tonight!

Bristol Farms with Jerry (pick up pork roasts, asparagus, cheese, antipasti)
Kathy, Terry arrive!
Marinate pork
Fig reduction sauce
Grill veggies (Jerry)
Prep Mushroom filling
Make and chill Ganache for Black and white cake
Frost Black and White cake
Set up tables/chairs (houseguest helpers)
Take out wine, prosecco and water glasses (Brad)
Acqua Pazza!

Saturday morning:
Set tables (houseguest helpers)
Stuff mushrooms
Cook pork roasts (to be reheated)
Mozarella-tomato skewers
Go buy ice (Brad)
Ice prosecco, water, white wine (Brad)
Put out pool candles (Brad)

Saturday afternoon:
Brie with fig jam
Prosciutto-salami platter
Cheese tray
Crackers, flatbreads

4:00: PARTY!

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yummm! Can I come if I do the washing up?
Just kidding.. sounds like a military operation:-)Please post some food pic that I can salivate over!

Buona festa


A field trip to Bristol farms - you have no idea how excited I am! LOL


Dear Palma-

I have so enjoyed reading your GTG Blog...it just kills me that we will not be able to attend...I look forward to Savannah so we can discuss your 2008 GTG..have a fabulous time next weekend!

See you in April-

Okay, Jerry, don't hit me, but what's Bristol Farms?? Will I want to go, too?? Are there animals to pet??

Palma, I am so excited I think I could get there without the plane.

I'm ready to work, so make my list!!!!



Thank you thank you thank you for the unbelievable eggplant
recipe! I made it for my Italian family and they could not believe that I made it(they can't master this dish) Everyone loved it, even those who don't like it usually. So good...

Sounds so good! Too bad I didn't live closer. I'll be at home in Kentucky on Friday!

Sounds like an incredible time Palma. I wish I lived closer. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Gail - I really am a food geek. Bristol Farms is the most amazing grocery store. Think a high end Whole Foods! LOL

Jerry, it's okay with me to be any kind of a geek!

I've already learned so much from you and Palma about food, recipes, and cooking. Your joy is contagious.


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