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Nothing New Here...

I have nothing to report. I am SO ready! This must be the lull before the storm. My house is clean (except the windows will be done tomorrow). My yard looks nice. The weather is perfect. I bought every cippolini onion in the desert. I haven't run out of fridge space YET. Tomorrow I get to start cooking. Two potential disasters have been solved.

Potential disaster 1: One of my kitchen helpers flaked out. The other, Nina, found me a replacement, and even talked me into a third helper during the dinner "rush hour". Sure, why not? They will get more dishes washed before they leave, and we can party on into the night. (Actually, she asked if the famous "Slowchicks" were performing.)

Disaster 2: Brad and I decided since this has become an ANNUAL event, we might as well invest in buying 48 dinner forks, salad forks, and knives, instead of renting them every year. I ordered some from a restaurant supply company on the internet 2 weeks ago. They confirmed shipping charges, and said 10 days. I hadn't gotten a package yet, so I called their Customer Service # today. Not only have they not shipped, they don't HAVE them, and won't for 3 weeks! Their "automatic email" was not sent to let me know. I told them they had to fix this NOW. They did. We found a similar pattern, IN STOCK, and THEY paid for 1 day air Fed Ex from Colorado. I will have them Thursday morning. Allora!

All is good. I am going to take a nap. Brad will be home tonight. We are excited. OK, I am actually OVER THE TOP CRAZY excited! No more caffine until ...later. I LOVE parties!

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Barb Cabot:

Palma, I'm going crazy with excitement here at home. I can hardly wait for Saturday to arrive. I can't say "Grazie Mille" enough...one hundred times over and over for all that you are doing to prepare such a grand party for all of us. Until Saturday...counting the moments!

There is nothing like a wee disaster or two to make it even more special! LOL

teaberry [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Good for you, girl! Nothing more satisfying fixing it NOW.

Can't wait to see you - one more sleep!


Palma, post photos please.
Really enjoy seeing the photos of all the food you prepare. J.

Buon festeggiamento! Thinking about you all.

Hey...Im waiting for a new post about your party! and photos of you foods. I hope you all had a great time!


Okay - it shouldn't still be nothing new - it should be filled with stories and pictures from the weekend. Sorry no rest for the weary :D.

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