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Party Countdown: 2 Weeks

2 Weeks Before:

This weekend, it was Brad who did all the work. I happily sat at my computer, or kitchen table printing photos, cropping, cutting, and gluing scrapbook projects.

Brad cleaned ice chests, hung more Christmas lights on one of our olive trees where the gardner accidently cut the cord while trimming the tree, did some yardwork, cleaned the fountain and installed a new pump, and carried home 4 cases of large bottles of water.

I did laundry and straightened my craft closet. (not party-related)

We "found" (in the garage), 48 wine glasses, LOTS of champagne flutes for prosecco, and 48 water glasses.

I ordered the pork roasts from Bristol Farms.

My shopping lists are ready for next week for Costco, Trader Joe's, Bristol Farms, and a regular grocery store!

This week, my only party tasks are:
Touch base with kitchen helpers.
Re-confirm restaurant reservations and counts.
Iron the dinner napkins (that I didn't do 2 weeks ago).

Maybe I'll read my book club book for this month!

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Ann M:

Hi Palma,
I'm still enjoying your blog and reading about your party preprations. Also wanted to let you know that we made your pumpkin ravioli last weekend with the brown butter sage sauce - Yummy! We used store bought pasta sheets though; still too scared to try making it fresh. Our pasta maker from William Sonoma is still in the box!

Tonight we're having your pork loin recipe w/o the fig sauce. I've had it in the marinade since Sunday; forgot that we were going out last night so it will be nice and seasoned for the grill tonight.

I'm still jealous that we won't be at the GTG...

Palma my friend. it is 1 week from the GTG. Get busy! LOL

I assume that the lack of blog posts is indicative of the work being done. Remember to save some for me!

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