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I have to admit I LOVE butter. A couple of weeks ago, I laughed at Jerry when he told me he had been buying and hoarding butter for holiday baking, and had 25 pounds of it in his fridge! (At the time I had ten pounds hoarded, and of course I had to buy more the next time I went to Costco and Trader Joe's.)

At the register in Trader Joe's with lots of nuts, figs, chocolate, and BUTTER in my shopping cart, the clerk asked me about the eight pounds of butter. He wanted to know if I was making HIM cookies. I shared that I had a friend who had 25 pounds of butter ready. (I'll let Jerry tell you how much FLOUR he bought!)

The clerk, proceeded to tell me that they have a regular customer, who lives in the mountains, an hour from here, and comes to the store on the first Saturday of every month to buy 35 pounds of butter. EVERY MONTH. I asked if they were bakers. He said "No". I asked if they had a cookie company from their home. Again the answer was "No." He said they were a "little old retired couple", and they CONSUME it. So that is over a pound a day!!! I asked if they looked healthy. He said they were NOT overweight, and seemed quite active. Hmmmmm. I'll just leave the speculation to you!

I MAY still run out! I have baked 50 dozen holiday treats SO FAR..., and it is only December 6. I have lots more to bake next week!

So far I've made:
3 batches of shortbread
2 batches of "World's Best Cookies"
2 batches of "Cherry-Pistachio Cheater Cookies"
2 batches of Peanutbutter-Chocolate Balls
2 batches of Oreo-Cream cheese Balls

Oh how I love this time of the year!

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Darn - my secrets are out! 25 lbs of butter and 50 lbs of flour.

Guess what?

I am heading across the border tomorrow after a meeting (conveniently located in a city adjacent to the closest border crossing) because butter is on sale! LOL

I love the look on the customs guy when I explain that no, I have no electronics, CDs, or DVDs, but I do have 15 lbs of butter!

Oreo cream cheese balls...oh do tell PLEASE....can you post the recipe? Grazie


Okay - I had about 10 pounds before baking this week; so I don't feel so bad.

But if you're baking so early (starting the first week of December), how do you store everything? I just made some coated round sugar cookies, didn't bake them and froze them individually for individual baking later; it's the first time I'm trying this.

heather veentjer:

Was really hoping to see what shortbread recipe you use. Please share it with us because it looks SOOOOOO yummy!

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