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Garage Sale

I REALLY hate garage sales. Only thing worse than going to a garage sale is HAVING a garage sale! I had one three years ago when we downsized homes. We are not allowed to have one in our gated community, so we rented a truck, and moved everything to a friend's garage for the weekend. I swore I would NEVER do it again, but here I was yesterday, up at 5, and hauling boxes our to the driveway at 6:00 in a very cold wind!


Our gated community decided to do a "one shot deal". 10 Families participated (each in their own garage or driveway). It went from 8-12. We had people there before 7:00. Hey, I'm all for getting up early to SHOP, but that would be only for a day at Nordies or if Saks had a blowout! OK, I'd go to Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, or William-Sonoma if they had a 50% off thing going on too!


We sold almost half our stuff in the first hour, much more by 10:00. The wind was killing me. By 11:00, we packed up the few things that were left for charity, took our $432 profit, and went in where it was warm! The truck arrived to take our leftovers at noon, and my garage is HALF empty and ready for a car!


A couple friends asked me home much stuff did I buy at other houses? I never even looked at other people's yards. I have enough stuff of my own. OK, while I didn't walk to any garages, my friend Diana, brought a couple of boxes of things over and sat with me. I traded her a game for a great grapevine cheese basket!

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Barb Cabot:

mmmmm you know what I want now?...one of those cookies on your cashbox table.

Palma, you are too much. Even the garage sale is SO YOU! The Christmas mug (and CAFFE), the red sweatshirt, the perfect plate of cookies, the fall tablecloth.... It's a vignette, like everything you do.

Well done!


I am SO sorry I missed out on this! I know I would have found lots of things that I had to have!

Seriously, I know how much work it is getting things ready for a yard/garage sale, so I am sure you are glad it is over.

I agree with Barb! Those cookies look scrumtious- I'll have mine with a cup of coffee please.

Diana / Dito:

The cookies WERE delicious! The shortbread is the best I've ever tasted, and the texture is wonderful! (It's the rice flour?!!) Also she had the million dollar cookie, or something like that, which was another real treat! I hung around to help her just to keep nibbling! haha! Palma always does things with STYLE! :-) Afterwards, she brought over home-made bread, still WARM, for our lunch, which Walt and I devoured! yummmmmm Thanks again, Palma!

Hey Palma! Because you have no possessions left, I posted something for you today. Remember the coral shop? Now you can see some of what you missed that brief visit we made. He begs me to bring you back, but with an appointment so he can get the safe open!

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