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100 Things About Me

Several blogs I read have recently posted "100 Things About Me". A first I thought it would be very difficult to think of that many things. It has taken me a couple of days to complete my list, (and they were BUSY days) but here we go:

1. I was born on my father's 65th birthday.
2. I am an only child.
3. I grew up in Fresno, CA
4. I was in drama and on the debate team in high school.
5. I majored in Child Development at CSUFresno.
6. I am an Alpha Xi Delta (alumnae).
7. My favorite color is green.
8. I am passionate about Italy (and all things Italian).
9. My first car was a '68 Camero.
10. I taught 4th and 8th grade, and was a Vice-principal.
11. I currently drive a green '97 Seabring convertible.
12. I met Brad in 1997 at a beach party GTG with a group from an AOL Divorce chat
13. We dated for 3 years, and married in 2000.
14. I love to cook and bake, because
15. I love to EAT! (Obsessed with food is more accurate.)
16. I live in a "Tuscan" looking house in Palm Desert.
17. I make beaded jewelry.
18. I enjoy scrapbooking our trips and GTGs
19. I hate most exercise except swimming, shopping (hey, it's a sport...), and I walk
A LOT in Italy. When I force myself to exercise, I do feel virtuous afterwards.
20. I am in a book club (and love to read).
21. I like oldies, pop, classical and smooth jazz.
22. I have a 15 year old cockapoo dog named Ego. I miss his brother, Id.
23. I love to dress up, but live in my jeans or capris at home.
24. My favorite places are Umbria, Piemonte, and the Amalfi coast.
25. Favorite Italian cities are Rome, Bologna, Venice, and Florence (in that order)
26. Favorite smaller towns in Italy are Pienza, Montefalco, and Acqui Terme (soon to
add Montisi)
27. Favorite U.S. cities are Palm Desert, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and
Scottsdale, AZ (Guess I need to explore farther east!)
28. I have always lived in California.
29. My favorite comfort food is Mac and Cheese (mine).
30. I wear yellow gold jewelry.
31. I'm pretty much a girly-girl.
32. I watch very little TV, but DO watch the following: 24, American Idol, Top Chef,
Grey's Anatomy, Desparate Housewives, The Practice, the Food Network, Project
Runway, and the Travel Channel and PBS.
33. I love to entertain.
34. I like jigsaw puzzles.
35. My shower/hair/makeup routine takes me 15 minutes, and I hate to primp.
36. My favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter.
37. I change my dining room table settings at least once a month.
38. I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.
39. As a licensed therapist, I specialize in working with couples.
40. I have great vision, lousy teeth, and bad feet.
41. I hate cauliflower, beets and all beans except green beans.
42. I love any cheese.
43. I drink only white wine: mostly Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and am hooked on
Brachetto di Acqui. I am a lightweight, and don't drink very often.
44. I get up early, stay up late, and love naps.
45. If I can't be in Italy, I love the beach and warm weather destinations.
46. I have never been on ice skates, skis, roller skates, a skateboard, or rollerblades.
47. I have been to the following states: Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington,
Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Conneticut,
Massachusets, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Hawaii.
48. I drink LOTS of coffee.
49. I own a beachfront condo in Maui with my ex-husband.
50. I've never eaten a pickle, chili beans, or an avocado.
51. I love to sing!
52. I am tender-headed, and my feet are ticklish.
53. I will spend a total of 37 days in Italy this year.
54. I am an extrovert, but sometimes shy.
55. I have always struggled with my weight.
56. I don't like chocolate.
57. My favorite desserts are panna cotta, caramel things, lemon things and gelato.
58. I love snorkeling, especially with turtles.
59. I have never had a massage (except by spouse), pedicure, or facial.
60. I love to play board or card games.
61. My current favorite is "Catchphrase" (regular, or musical version)
62. In Las Vegas, I play 25 cent video poker...for hours!
63. My favorite places to shop for chothes are Nordstrom, Chicos, and a small local
boutique called "Complements".
64. My favorite children's book is Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No
Good, Very Bad Day
by Judith Viorst.
65. I love mysteries and psycological thrillers. Every once in a while I read a "girl
66. I loved the Harry Potter books, and the Chronicles of
67. Some of my other favorite authors are: James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Jodi
Picoult, David Baldacci, Steven King, Dean Koontz, and oh so many more!
68. Pet peeves: People who are inconsiderate, very negative, or judgemental.
69. I cry at sappy movies or even commercials.
70. Once I taught a water aerobics class.
71. I have two phobias: rodents and falling. (not heights, as I love scary rides, tall
buildings, and airplanes, but don't like balance beams, standing on ladders, or
climbing rocks. I like to be IN SOMETHING if I am more than a foot off the ground.
72. My favorite flowers are daffodils, tupips, and Casablanca lilies.
73. I don't like RED roses. I really like coral, yellow, and leonidas (our wedding) are
my favorite.
74. My favorite junk food is Cheetos or Hawaiian chips.
75. I would rather have NO popcorn, than popcorn without butter.
76. My only surgery or stay in the hospital was when I had my tonsils out at age 12.
77. I can hit a golf ball straight, but not very far.
78. Unfortunately (at times), my motto is: "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing."
79. I love Merry-go-rounds.
80. Sometimes life is like a Merry-go-round!
81. I am organized about things I like: parties, Christmas, trip planning, my closet,
my house. But I hate paperwork, and I have no idea where last month's phone bill
is (maybe in that stack on the desk?).
82. I have been told I am very flexible.
83. I love surprises!
84. I collect Italian ceramics, and I have WAY too many sets of dishes. I like them.
85. One of my favorite charities is Gilda's Club (support for cancer patients and their
86. Once I LITERALLY bumped into Candice Bergen walking down the street in San
87. I love to read on a raft in my pool (with sunscreen).
88. As a child I had crushes on Spin and Marty (Micky Mouse Club), David McCallum
(Man from U.N.C.L.E.), "Jeff" on Donna Reed, and I pretended Annette Funicello
lived in my room. I also had an imaginary dog named "Buster".
89. I display unusual martini glasses on our bar.
90. I have 41 evening bags.
91. My birthday is May 12 and Brad's is May 10.
92. I grew up and lived in Fresno until age 33, spent 18 years in the Bay Area, and
have lived in the desert since May, 2000.
93. I have always lived in a suburban neighborhood.
94. There was a time when I loved cruises. (That time is over.) I've been on 19.
95. I've lived in 7 houses (and two apartments, and a sorority house) in my 55 years.
96. I've worn Shalimar scent for 35 years.
97. I like watching basketball. I can do without football.
98. I speak Italian enough to get by, and keep getting better.
99. I've only seen snow (close enough to touch), 5 times in my life.
100. A perfect day would include: a warm sunny day in the Italian countryside,
overlooking a vineyard, a picnic with Brad, and some paint supplies. Later there
would be pasta.

Comments (9)

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Great list! Now I know why we get along... we are truely SISTERS.
A presto~

Great list - I doubt I could imagine 100 things about me but you have done well. I would never had guessed that you liked watching basketball. I have a question though - what's the Mickey Mouse Club?



I will teach you the Micky Mouse Club song in Paso! It was a children's Disney TV show with live kids who were the Mousekateers!

"M-I-C See you real soon.
K-E-Y Why? Because we like you!

barb cabot:

Palma, This list is wonderful...you definitely could add #101: you are a most generous and kind friend to all! I had to laugh about your love of "Spin and Marty". What girl in the 50's didn't have a crush on them? Here's a bit of personal trivia: I took ballet with Darlene Gillespi back in the day.

Carole :

Palma, very interesting as you are a very interesting person.

If you're favorite color is green how come you've never eaten an avocado or a pickle??


No, no, no, no, no! How is it possible you have never been to my stomping grounds!! Okay - so when are you and Brad coming to NY? It's like Mecca to a shopper. :)

Excellent list - I totally relate to a bunch of them.

And, oh Jerry, how do you not know what the Micky Mouse club is??

Mouse? Did Palma write the word MOUSE???

Palma, I can't believe you've never eaten an avocado. You are missing something wonderful.

I loved your list and learned a lot about you!

Ann M:

Great list Palma I loved learning so many wonderful things about you! And, I see many things that we have in common - must be due to the close proximity of our birthdays! One thing on my list would be that I was named after two Mickey Mouse clubbers; Annette (where Ann comes from) and Karen, with a hyphen in between. Apparently, my sisters couldn't agree on a name so I ended up with both and I've never been called either one!


Wow, Ann

Karen (of the MMC) now works with a friend of mine at a high school in Fresno!

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