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January Musings

January has always been my least favorite month of the year. It is COLD. The bustle and company of holidays and celebrations is over. Spring is a distant wish. I often get bored.

This year, there will be no chance for either boredom or that mild winter depression. I am feeling pretty good about January. I have many fun "duties, tasks, and responsibilities" that need to get done for the Savannah Gathering to keep me occupied.

We are looking forward to a great weekend with Ida and Bill in Las Vegas later this month. The Slow Bowl is just a few weeks away! Italy is just a few months away!

January is traditionally a time for reflection. Yesterday, I spent quite a while pondering life and counting my blessings. I have so many blessings!

I have a loving, supportive spouse who puts up with my flaws and encourages my strengths.

We are both in relatively good health.

I have FABULOUS close friends who are like family.

I have a job that doen't feel like working, and I have amazing clients and eager interns to supervise.

I have people in my life who "get" how Italy fills my soul, and we will have not one, but TWO "fixes" this year!

I have a sweet, loving, dog, who at 15, still thinks he is a puppy.

I live in a safe, comfortable home that I am able to share with friends.

I have good food available to me, and MANY new recipes to try in 2008.

I have values that allow me to like and respect myself, my honesty, and my integrity.

I continue to work on eliminating a few things from my life: negativity, those who are judgemental, those who put down others to make themselves feel better, and those who misrepresent themselves. I cherish people who know they can just be REAL, and are not afraid to do so. I continue to work on "not sweating the small stuff".

I have learned as a therapist, that (though this is a HUGE generalization), most people's greatest fears are being abandoned, or being vulernable. Sure, there are many other fears in life, but most fall into one or the other of these biggies.

This weekend I am very grateful for my sorority sisters/old college roomates. We have stayed close for 38 years. One of our close knit "family" lost her father in December. We will all gather in Fresno to support our friend, and to celebrate her father's life at a memorial service tomorrow. We will then gather over food and wine, and give Tammy's dad a wonderful send-off. We will cry, and I'm sure, laugh together, as we have done with each other for 38 years. We are all so blessed to come together in happy and sad times.

I think January 2008 will be just fine!

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PalmaBella~ your enthusiasm for life is infectious. We are looking forward to 2008!


Well put Palma!
You are very deserving of all you are blessed with.
Thank you for sharing with us through your blog and Slow Travel.
Looking forward to Savannah! J.


I like January. I know, I'm crazy but these past few years it's autumn that sends me in to the tail spin but as soon as we hit the winter solstice (sp), I feel like I've turned a corner and am able to focus again. I swear it's the days getting longer again, even if it's just a minute each day, it still feels lie a re-birth.

So happy to read about the things you're grateful for and your no resolution, resolution ;D, have a great 2008!

It's amazing how much we all have to be thankful for if we only take the time to think on it. Sound like your new year is off to a good start :)

teaberry [TypeKey Profile Page]:

I love you Palma. Thanks for sharing your views - they always refreshingly frank, and hit me in the right spot. Happy and healthy New Year to both of you.

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