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PalmaBELLE? Probably NOT!


Ok, I admit, I have always been somewhat Francophobic. It must be genetic. I respect all cultures, but France is NOT a place I have ever yearned to visit. I have NO desire to ever see Paris, and I'm afraid if I ever went to Provence (and I'd probably love it), I would be wishing I was in Italy instead. French food is good. Italian food is wonderful. My friends who love to travel to France insist I need to give it a try. The language, though many think is the most beautiful romance language in the world, makes my skin crawl, and I don't think I could stand a visit for that reason alone. If Brad wants to REALLY bug me, he can scrape his nails on a blackboard, or speak a few words in French. The result is the same. I do give the French credit for good bread, cheese, and croissants.

Here I am in Las Vegas. I am actually feeling very French-friendly. This is good, because we are at the Paris Hotel! Our corner room (can't beat the $57 deal we got) is really lovely, and the view is wonderful. This is what we can see from our bed:

The other window:

We slept with all the drapes open, so this was the first sight I saw when I opened my eyes today:

I've been a Caesar's Palace girl for over 30 years. We have also frequented the Venetian, when we had enough points for a comp room. I love the Bellagio. The Italian -like surroundings, while done in "overdone" and sometimes even tacky Vegas style, work for me. So do the Forum Shops.

The gambling at Paris has allowed me to play for a long time and stay within my daily budget. That is always good! The shopping was weak, at best, but I did manage to find two pair of sandals. This month my book club got me to read a mystery set in the Jewish ghetto of Paris. (Murder in the Marais by Cara Black) I enjoyed the book. Maybe some champagne will help adjust my no-France attitude?

Nah...there's always Prosecco.

I took this photo, as it is not likely that I will ever see the REAL DEAL.

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Ida : > (:

Wish we were there!!!!!!!Still can't believe this is happeneing.

It sounds like a good weekend! Thank goodness ytou managed to stear clear of 'caucus excitment'. LOL

I'm still crossing my fingers for the 'big win' that will fund a year long trip to Italy!

Ann M:

Palma, hope you are having a great time! Scott and I love Vegas and stayed at the Paris on our last trip too. We had the same view! I like that you can walk straight through to Bally's w/o going outside. The little cafe is also great for a morning croissant and coffee.
Good Luck on the slots! Ann


I too love Paris Las Vegas! And the corner rooms are great! Could you see the Bellagio water show?

Did you have any bubbly at Napoleon's?



Yes to the Bellagio water, no to Napoleon's! But I had a great lemon drop and some good wine!

I am very sad for you. You know I love Italy enough to live here, but Paris is Paris and you can't miniaturize it and think you've been!

Even on a diet, Paris is just a marvel.

Kaydee [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Palma, this is really funny! Paris in Las Vegas.

But I feel sad about your French phobia! And I do think you would enjoy Paris and Provence!

I promise not to speak French around you ever--


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