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Video Poker


When in a casino, I ONLY play video poker. I have my own "system" and rules for myself.

1. I have a $100 limit (per day in Las Vegas), or per evening when we go to a local casino, and I do NOT go over this. We go to Las Vegas once or twice a year, and to local casinos 3 or 4 times a year.

2. I never drink alcohol when gambling. I nurse a diet Pepsi, or I would get sleepy and stupid.

3. I can usually play at LEAST 2-3 hours on this limit.

4. If I lose my money, I leave, or go do something else until Brad is done.

5. I always place the maximum bet. I play 25 cent machines, so it costs $1.25 per deal.

6. I play in casinos where I will get "points" for future stays, comps, or other "deals".

7. Brad and I both play under one name. For example, at the local casinos, we both play as Brad. In Las Vegas, when at Caesar's Palace(or any casino in the now Harrah's conglomerate), we both play as Palma. At the Venetian, we are both Brad. This allows a couple to combine their play for points.

8. I play for 4 of a kind, I almost never hold cards for a straight, unless I get a "feeling". I am often dealt a straight. I always go for 4 towards a flush. I expect to get 2-4 Four of a KInds in an evening.

9. Now we get to the part that is irrational, and has no logic, except "Palma logic".
If $100 is my limit for the day, I expect, and am prepared to lose it by the end of the evening without disappointment. However, if at the end of the evening, I then have $150, (in reality I have WON $50), I feel like I have WON $150 (having $150 more than I planned). Now $150 goes into the category of "free shopping money"!

10. Brad and I have a deal. We can individually win up to $100. If we win over $100, we split our winnings with our spouse. Two chances to win big. The first time I proposed this, was an Easter Sunday a couple of years ago. We had a nice brunch, and then went to a casino. I proposed the 50% split, and Brad said, "No, let's do 25%."
I won $2000 that day with a beautiful royal flush in hearts. I laughed as I handed him five $100 bills. Then we changed it to 50% for the future!.

On another visit to Las Vegas, we were gambling at Caesar's Palace. Brad won $700 at a machine right behind me. He handed me $350. I pulled my card out of my machine, cashed out, chugged my diet Coke, and grabbed my purse. He asked where I was going. He barely heard me say, "Duh....the Forum Shops, and I know EXACTLY what I'm getting." I was back in 10 minutes with my beautiful Stuart Weitzeman gold sandals (and change).

On a serious note, I am a responsible gambler, but understand the "rush" of winning. Gambling can be a serious addiction. It is quite a problem here in the desert. There are 6 Native American casinos close by. There are lots of retired seniors. Buses pick them up and take them to the casinos. It can be quite a compulsion, leading to financial ruin. Gamblers Anonymous has 20 question "test" to determine is someone's gambling is an addiction. Here is the link.
Other info and how to get help for compulsive gambling is available on their website here.

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Video Poker is my game of choice too. Which version is your favorite? I just play Bonus Poker and practice on my computer for the proper strategy.

Does Brad play VP too?


Hi Palma,

On a few occassions, AnnieK and I have gone on gambling trips to Tahoe, Reno, stops at Indian Casinos, and for New Years Eve (5 day trip) in Vegas. I checked if I needed to call Gamblers' Annonymous. (Thanks for the link!) I may still be ok as I only answered yes to one out of the series of questions. That was about remorse after gambling. As I almost always never win, I do have the occassional remorse! Gambling is fun though. :)


Nancy, I ONLY play straight "Jacks or Better"! No Bonus, No Jokers Wild, or three, five or 50 lines at a time... I guess I am a purist!

Eden, I don't think we need to worry...YET


My grandfather was an addicted gambler - the ponies. My father never went into a casino for years. Now if he's at the Atlantis (my sister in-law works there), he'll set aside $20 and that's it. I'm sensitive to it too (you know, that type of personality) but love it. I do slots or poker but also set a limit. A lot of times we take the kids to the arcade at the beach. They have video poker there, so I can work out my craving without too much damage. :D


Hey Palma, saw the fire at the Mirage (think that's what they said), just checking to make sure you're okay.


KIm, We are safe and have been home since Monday. Thanks for your concern. The fire today was at the MonteCarlo Hotel/casino, owned by MGM-Mirage Group.

No temptation here. I like a sure thing, myself. When traveling I used to allow X amount, and when that was lost I was finished. A friend who gambles (and usually wins) said to me, "If you have X to lose, well naturally you LOSE." I'm still figuring that one out, and the other part where she usually won enough for the whole trip for all three of us.


Palma, Your video poker rules make me suspect that you are the long lost twin of my brother's girlfriend!
That is exactly how she plays...
INCLUDING using the profits to shop for sandals!!
Have you and Brad ever made it off the strip to visit my favorite Thai restaurant -- Lotus of Siam? You must!

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