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A Beautiful Good-bye

It seems strange to say that is was "uplifting" to go to a Memorial service for my friend, Tammy's dad, but it was such a lovely celebration of his life!

As we entered the funeral home, we were given a red, white and green "Italian Ribbon" to wear.

Pete loved fast cars and boats. A family friend had flowers made into a sports car.

He loved music, and a few of his favorites were played throughout the service:
"Fly Me to the Moon", "Natural Man" by Lou Rawls, and the service ended with Sinatra singing "My Way". A fantastic slide show was put to music and made into a video with photos from Pete's life with his family and friends. We laughed and we cried at the beautiful tribute.

A few years ago, I made our close group of sorority sisters a photo bracelet with six tiny photos of us circling each wrist. Connie wore hers and , though we were right behind the family at the service, she put it on Tammy's wrist to remind her, we were right there with her, enbracing her with our love and support.

After the service, Tammy's mom and family welcomed all those who attended to a fabulous lunch reception at a favorite Fresno restaurant. There were huge platters of antipasti, salad, fruit, pasta, chicken, zucchini, and Italian sausage. There were dolci and plenty of red wine.

Tammy's mom, Ann, was beautiful and gracious. Her parents had been married for 58 years. The day was a truly wonderful tribute to Tammy's dad. Here we are with Tammy.

Peter Sciaroni has been well-loved, and will be missed by many.

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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

I know it ment so much for you to be there with your 'sister', and a wonderful tribute.

But... didn't I see that sports car on a float at the Rose Parade? ;D


What a beautiful tribune that was! I am sure Peter was looking down and enjoying it too!

barb cabot:

Dear Palma, A celebration of a wonderful life such as that of your friend's father is a touching tribute to a life well lived. At a time of loss there is such a tremendous comfort in the presence of dear friends. I'm sure it was a deeply moving time for all of the "sisters." Thanks for sharing this.

Julie Danielson:

I have always loved being around Pete. Even though the times were few, they were great. You see, he reminded me so much of my own father and I loved that. They could have been best friends. Pete`s love of being Italian and his love of life was (as we say in Italian-La Dolce Vita.)..the good life.
I will always have fond memories of him at Bass Lake and all the stories of him on Bass Lake!
I am sure he is there right now...
I will miss knowing that he is not here-but my hope is that he meets up with my dear Italian father Gabriele in heaven!
Pete was one in a million and I honor his memory.

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