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Working Night Dinner

I needed to make dinner AND work until 8:45PM. Luckily, I see my clients footsteps from my kitchen, so I could prep everything before 5:00, preheat the oven as my 5:30 client drove up, and run in the house before my 7 PM client to put the pork roast in the oven.

Brad got home at 8, and put in the prepared potatoes and carrots. I was done with clients at 8:45, and we ate at 8:50.

We had pork roast, Cheddar-Sage potatoes, and Jerry's Honey Roasted Carrots.

Cheddar-Sage Potatoes:

3 large russet potatoes, sliced thinly and boiled until tender, drained
1 T. butter
8-10 sage leaves, chopped
1 c. cream (I used half and half)
3 oz. cheddar cheese
3 oz. white cheddar
salt and pepper to taste

Cook sliced potatoes until tender. Saute sage leaves in butter. Layer half the potatoes, half the cheese in a greased 3 quart baking dish. Sprinkle with half the sage, salt and pepper. Repeat with remaining potatoes, cheese, sage, salt and pepper. Pour cream over top. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

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Barb Cabot:

This is just one of the examples of why Brad must appreciate and adore you so much. You definitely deserve those lovely daffodils. I love the sense of juggling and management of time that you describe. The potatoes look oh so good!

Those potatoes stopped me in my tracks haha!


Wow, Palma I am even more impressed with how you can multi-task! As Barb mentioned above, you have some awesome sense of time management and juggling work and cooking / prep time. Someone like me would have gone to the closest take out place. You are one amazing woman!!!

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