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A Bouquet of Friends

I know this is "old news", but we had such a wonderful time at the Slow Bowl, I wanted to give everyone there a bunch of flowers, so here they are, from my yard. I appreciate every one of my Slow Bowl buddies, and here are some of the reasons why:

Shannon: REAL, funny, crazy, and so utterly herself and comfortable in her own skin, it is always refreshing! Besides her talents of organization, and gracious party hostess, Shannon is in the dictionary next to the word COOL (without trying to be).

Deborah: What a delightful treat to meet (again) Deborah's infectious laughter, generosity, and warmth is unparalleled. The "hootch" and gifts were frosting on the party cake. A St Louis GTG will be a must!

Sue and Dave: My "outdoor buds" and always a delight! Dave inspired me to make eggplant parm after 30 years of not eating any of my mom's. Keep cooking! The duckfat fried Mac & cheese, was a kick, (but I only got a bite, because I SHARED the last piece!).

Jill: I am really enjoying Jill's blog, and look forward to introducing her to some of my southern Slow Travel friends in Savannah!

Eden: My pre-ST friend, you are inspiring, encouraging, and always fun to see!

Judy and Bill: I love Judy's wit, dry humor, and I LOVE it when she speaks to me in Italian!!! Bill is just a sweetheart!

Wendy&Rob: The camera twins! Enthusiasm doesn't begin to cover it! I was touched on the ride home from the wineries, at how Wendy spent a good deal of time explaining the Slow Travel community to our trolley driver, Charlie. Friendly and welcoming!

Jerry& Paul: What can I say? I love my nutty bro! He brought me lattes at ungodly morning hours, shared treats and sweets, and it was a pleasure to meet gentle Paul, a wonderful balance to my "naughty twin".

Marcia and Dave: Always fun to know if I'm at a GTG, there will be time to relax and hang out with constant, easy-going friends! We will never run out of stuff to talk about!

Kim & Chris: WooHoo! I finally met Kim and Chris. Some people, though you have just "met", you feel you've known a long time. I enjoy Kim's quick retorts, enthusiasm for fun, and ability to be at ease with anyone. I also enjoyed a late night chat with Chris about the desert, and possible places to live.

Sharon: I love Sharon's smile. It gets even bigger and cuter with wine! She is also a fabulous cook, and we can count on amazing things coming from the kitchen when Sharon is around!

Gloria and Alex: If I was ever feeling lousy about myself, Gloria is who I would call. She ALWAYS makes me feel like a million bucks! It was nice to have Alex join the crowd this year.

Marcie and Pete: Fun, friendly, helpful, (Pete, I saw you do that sink full of dishes!), and I had the treat of seeing the darling cherub-faced kids in the parking lot of Melody Ranch!

Joan and Fred: I love to watch the way Joan and Fred are with each other. They are such a great example of a healthy, loving marriage. We should all watch their easy, calm, thoughtful attention to each other. We will have more fun together at the Gathering!

Colleen: She is SO thoughtful. (I will share on another blog the perfect little gift she brought me!) Fun, tactful, open, and empathetic...all perfect for a Mod!

Beth: Enthusiastic and so happy to be out and about with this group, and a real Slow Travel fan!

Marian:Our Slow Travel Matriarch: I enjoyed having more time to get to visit with Marian this year and also our time at Pasolivo. Thanks for the great cheeses.

Chris and Frank: I enjoy Chris's constant smile and calmness (and of course her yummy baked goods!) I had more of a chance to enjoy Frank and learn about his joy of reading in a discussion of favorite books and authors. I LOVE how he keeps track of books he has read!

Cathy T: What a delight for Brad to find that he and Cathy were classmates from the same high school in Daly City in 19__, well...enough said! We both enjoyed the walk through memory lane with Cathy!

Angie: Great to see you again with your charming guy!

Marta: Friendly, calm, easy Marta. She is always helpful and kind! I love counting on seeing her at the Slowbowl. Marta knows a lot about a LOT of things! I missed George this year.

Luisa and Rose: My closest "neighbor", so why do we only see each other at GTGs? I really enjoyed sipping wine and "hoarding the chair" with Louisa and Rose during our before-dinner chat!

Krista & Steve: Can it be that we met only one year ago at the SlowBowl 1??? They sure FEEL like old easy friends. Krista is a fabulous baker, a helpful friend, and Brad and I love to spend time hanging out with these two friendly "tech savvy" STers!

Darci:Funny, easy-going, and a contagious good mood!

Nancy and Joanne: Sweet, soft-spoken, thoughtful Nancy and Joanne brought me a delicious bottle of fig syrup. The apple salad was the BEST batch ever (and I've sampled three).

Cheryl: I love to listen to Cheryl talk...especially about Italy! Her natural warmth is always evident, from a hug hello, to a quiet conversation.

Charity & Bill: Interesting, curious, and great mixers! I was amazed I was able to resist taking that whole dish of brie and fig preserves to "disappear" into a bedroom somewhere. YUM!

Kathy (Teachick): Our zany "Yoga-Guatemala Girl" always has an adventure to share, a man in pursuit, and is guaranteed to entertain us.

Susa:It was fun to hear about Sue's recent Puglia adventure, and sneak outside in the rain on Saturday.

Stephanie and Greg:Brad and I both were able to enjoy a nice amount of time with Stephanie and Greg, in fun conversation. How cute are their dogs? We'd HAVE to get together when they are in the desert!

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Charity B Gourley:

I love your floral bouquet, Palma! It's classic stillife, but contemporary color. I'm thinking of trying to do a small quilt like it!

Thanks for your comments on our Slowbowl friends. I would like to spend more time getting acquainted with you and Brad, sometime.



Palma, I am verklempt.

I will add this though:

Palma & Brad - who can imagine a GTG, slowtrav or otherwise, without them? They bring laughter and love to EVERY table, and a party without them is no party at all.


Palma, this is a wonderful post. I can just picture everyone back at the Slow Bowl. Thank you.


What a sweet post!

Shannon, I agree - without Palma and Brad, there is no party!


Very sweet Palma, one of my only regrets though was that we didn't get to spend a bit more time "hanging" together - looking forward to some one-on-one next month in the desert. Take care.

What a great post! I wish I could have been there. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.

Palma, I love the poppies! Thanks for the kind words. You and Brad are truly kindred spirits to Steve and I.

What a wonderful and thoughtful post. I could visualize everyone from your description. You definitely have a great ability to pick our unique qualities. Thank you!


Palma, you're so sweet to take the time to think of something truly special to say for each of us.
And I'm so glad Kim added you and Brad to the list.

naughty? I'm naughty? Oh well, at least you pegged Paul accurately! LOL

Wendy and Rob Mari:

February is the month for love and sweetness, but you Palma are both and more all the time. Thank you for your kind words and clear insight.

My regret is that I left feeling I didn't have those quiet talks with you and so many others. I hope to change that next time, in Savannah? and Paso Slowbowl III.

Grazie mille amici

Lovely flowers and lovely words. Thank you! It's always a good time with you and Brad ...

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