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It is raining today! It's a warm spring rain.


The flowers are happy.

It is such a rare event in the desert, that everyone gets very excited. People here (except those natives of the Pacific Northwest) seem to be clueless about how to drive when it is wet. We all have to figure out WHERE is that windsheild wiper knob thingy on the car? I put socks and closed-toed shoes on! (rarer than rain)

The flowers are REALLY happy! Spring is coming! I'm SO ready!

Weekend forecast. Rain gone and mid 70's. 80's by next weekend!

I THINK there is an umbrella somewhere in my hall closet. The last time I used it was sometime in 2003... (in Florence!)

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Palma, those flowers are spectacular!

Rain . . . flowers . . . spring . . . I'm jealous!

sandi @ the whistlestopcafe:

I have my London wellies that I pull out on a rainy day. Clomping around in galoshes can't help but make you smile!

Not one bit like a similar post from Umbria. But spring is coming here, too. I heard birds building nests yesterday.

Agretti is in the market. The orange glut is begun with sale prices. All the windows look muddy from the winter now that the sun shines through with strength.

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