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Brunch at Artisan


This topic could take DAYS, as I took photos of everyone's food!

We met on Sunday morning for brunch at 10. Going through wine withdrawal, many of us began with their version of peach bellinis.

24 attended brunch, but there were spots for 23 at the table. We originally arrived a little before 10, didn't see many cars, and Brad decided to hit the ATM around the corner. When we got back, right at 10, the table was full, so we sat NEXT to the large group, at "the Naughty Table". If you know Brad and I well, this is very funny, because I am ALWAYS early, and he always gets everywhere "in the nick of time". It turned out fine, as our wonderful friends at the big table, included us in conversations, and we could see everyone, take photos easily, and hear everything that was going on. We were definitely not left out!

The food was amazing: Brad enjoyed his "Shrimp and Grits". I tasted it, in order to prepare for Savannah. It was spicier and yummier and saucier than I was imagining.

I ordered the Crab Cakes Benedict. The two fat crab cakes on top of puff pastry, with eggs and hollandaise were delicious. I really liked the idea of the little puffs of pastry instead of large, filling English muffins. (Remember, I see bread as a VEHICLE for protein or fat.)

Tomorrow I will post more tempting Artisan brunch creations! It was a lovely way to end our weekend before our long drive home. We had great weather until San Bernadino, then hit really ugly rain, very heavy sheets of it, and it was difficult to see the road. The last leg, we were in two cars, as I had left mine in Pasadena on Friday when I picked Brad up at work. We made it home safely, had a quick nap, and saw the exciting end of the Superbowl.

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How i miss crab cakes. That shrimp and grits looks fab.


Funny, Palma, the other choice I had for brunch was Benedict you ordered - as it was, I had the same thing as Brad. :) Looking forward though to the true Southern prepartion in Savannah.

Wow - how did I miss seeing shrimp and grits on the menu? (Oh yeah - I don't like grits!) Those look good enough to try, anyway ...

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