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For My Blog-reading Friends


Enjoy an excerpt from one of my favorite childrens' books, If I Found a Wistful Unicorn by Ann Ashford and Bill Drath:

"If I found a wistful unicorn, and brought him to you all forlorn...
Would you pet him?

If I took an empty midnight train across the country in the rain...
Would you meet me?

If I picked a little flower up and put it in a paper cup...
Would you smell it?

If I found a secret place to go, with you the only one to know...
Would you be there?

If my cricket coughed and got the flu, and needed warmth and comfort too...
Would you hold him?

If my rainbow were to turn all gray, and wouldn't shine at all today...
Would you paint it?

If my soul were feeling all alone and wasn't near a telephone...
Would you write to it? (PM, email or text???)

If my clock developed nervous strain, and needed help to "tock" again...
Would you fix it?

If I were to dance for you, as hard as that would be to do...
Would you watch me?

If my pet turnip turned on me, and bit me fiercely on the knee...
Would you bandage it?

If my nightingale were a monotone and much too shy to sing alone,
Would you hum with him?

If all that I would want to do would be to sit and talk to you...
Would you listen?

If any of these things you'll do, I'll never have to say to you...
Do you love me?"

If everyday I blogged for you, and you liked to read it too...
Would you leave a comment?

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barb cabot:

I say "I would" to all the above and with a happy heart. Have a wonderful day!

Yes! I'll leave a comment. I love to read your blog!

It is official. Some folk will do anything for a comment! LOL


I do love your blog, Palma, but I swear I gain weight just looking at the beautiful photos of the food you prepare!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

I am amazed that y'all were able to post every day.
I won't be trying that anytime soon.
Do it again~ Do it again!


Yes, I would! I loved the excerpt - it brought tears to my eyes!!



YES..I would read it everyday! I love your blog, it also brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to give you a hug in Savannah...

Cheers to you-


Yes, I would. And I am. I love the picture - it goes so well with the excerpt.



You really are one creative and resourceful person. Love the excerpt!

Me too! Love all the photos of your food :-)

Good question, very good question.


I'm enjoying your blog very much!
I hope you come by mine for a visit someday!

I have been on vacation and away from computers but I have read your blog for a LONG time! Funny, I used to feel like an intruder when I was reading people's blogs, even though they write them to be read... so that was probably why it took me a while to start commenting. I really love your blog and certain posts I just adore, like the one about your Italian family, or about neighbours not dropping in. Real food for thought.

Brita Singh:

Loved that.

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