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How I Spent My "Extra" Day

We only get a leap year day every four years. What did YOU do with your "extra day"?
I have been going 90 miles an hour all of February with a couple of big projects, and a very busy time at work! I've been averaging 5 hours or less of sleep a night...not QUITE enough. I haven't had a day off since the Slow Bowl! I FINALLY had a free day!

6:15 AM: Morning Coffee

7:00AM: Time for blogging. I actually blogged EVERY DAY in February! Phew!

8:30AM: Showered, dressed, and ready for the day. It is a beautiful morning. Right now it is in the low 70s, and heading for 81 degrees. THIS is how I like my snow!

9:20 AM: A Slow Travel Fix: I was SO VERY SAD and upset at a new announcement!
The PMs are flying!

10:05AM: A quick stop at Trader Joe's

10:30AM: I also needed a few things at the grocery store. What to have for dinner? Then I mailed a package at the mailing store next door.

11:30AM: The flags are flying on EL Paseo, our main shopping street.

11:35AM: Nothing like a shopping fix when you are upset!

12:17PM: Not a bad laser strike at Chicos! Now I'm home and need to unload the car!

12:35PM: LUNCH! Glad I bought those strawberries! YUM

1:05PM: Ego contemplated a swim, but the water is still too cold! We read in the sunshine for a while instead.

2:04PM: I better give some water to my thirsty tulips!

2:14PM:Naptime! Ego spends most of the day like this, but I REALLY took an hour and a half "in bed, under the covers, down for the count, sleep"!

3:55PM-5:20PM: I worked on the centerpieces for one of the venues in Savannah. No sneak preview!

5:25PM: Prepping dinner. Crab cakes and broccoli slaw, but Brad won't be home for HOURS on a Friday.

5:45PM: A break at sunset. I'm STILL drinking coffee!

8:50PM: Brad is finally home after slow Friday night traffic. Time to relax with some wine by the fire! We had Blue Castello cheese, and pecorino with lemon honey.

10:15PM: We completely lost track of time. We had such a delightful conversation, sharing about upcoming fun events, our reactions to today's disturbing announcement, and looking forward to our May time in Rome and Montisi. We forgot to eat dinner! We were content with our cheese and vino. So we popped open another bottle, continued our conversation, and then had dessert at around 11:30PM. Those crab cakes in the fridge will be there tomorrow!

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Don't sweat the small stuff!

What a great day! The photos are so pretty, you live in a really beautiful place.


Palma, NOW I believe that you get snow on those little hills behind you!

You are going to have to come to Vancouver in the winter. We'll take you to the snow covered mountains behind our house.

Does Chicos sell fur coats???



Reading your blog is part of my daily ritual.
Went to a pot luck yesterday and made:
brie and fig appetizer
asparagus quiche
lemon and lavender cake

All I learned from this blog.
Who needs a cookbook!


P.S. Now, if you could only pass on some of that energy you have...


Wow! You packed a lot into your "free day".

I love the way you documented your day through a series of photos. What a wonderful "extra" day you had.


Oops! I meant EXTRA day, not FREE day! I know nothing in life is free!


that looks like a great time! The photos are fantastic. Joe

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