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Plans for Rome

Yesterday, I mentioned our trip to Italy in May. With the Savannah Gathering coming up NEXT WEEK, I am so excited, I need a distraction. Italy always works for that!. It is obvious that I am a planner (for travel, parties and menus). What I love about this trip to Italy, is that our first week is almost completely UNPLANNED! We will wing it in Rome. I want to wake up each day without an agenda and say, "Let's wander today, and see where we end up!"


We leave on May 16, and arrive in Rome the next day. We will meet Massimo and Biancamaria at their Via dei Chiavari apartment, Rome-is-home, near the Campo di Fiori to check in for a week.

As this is a third trip to Rome, we are not going to do any of the typical "tourist" things. We have seen the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Forum, Colosseum, Borghese Gardens and Museum, etc. We want to "hang out", wander neighborhoods, eat, drink wine, visit kitchen shops, food stores, take a nap, and wander some more. We will eat lots of gelato and drink many lattes!

I want to explore the Trastevere, eat pizza, paint flowers in the campo, and have a picnic for dinner. We will spend a lovely evening with our generous hosts, and have a special birthday dinner for Brad's big 6-0. One day I'd like to have lunch at the Bramante cloister at Santa Maria Della Pace. I want fried artichokes in the Jewish quarter. I'm sure I will find some wonderful pastas, and we may go to a GTG. We are most looking forward to some time together doing next to nothing. I bet the week will go by in a flash, and then we will be on our way to Montisi to cook and play with the gang on Gail's Great Escapes!

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Sounds just PERFECT! I love wandering around the streets of Rome.


The exciting life you and Brad lead! I can vicariously vacation through you. Enjoy your "do next to nothing week".


Palma, that sounds just wonderful! Rome is such a wonderful place to be without plans -- just "being" there can easily fill a day! I regret that when I was there in January, I didn't get to the cloister and art gallery/restaurant at Santa Maria Della Pace. Doru gave such a great description of it when he came back from a recent trip, and it was on my list of things I wanted to do, but time flies so fast in Rome!!!

Sounds like the perfect vacation! I did a little of that when I was in Rome and it was glorious.



Have room for a stowaway?

You can pack me up in Savannah and I will go along for the ride :)

Do you have plans to be in Montisi with Gail next summer as well? I am thinking about a special trip, just for me :)


sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Y'all rest up while you are in Rome...cuz we are going to be 24-7 in Montisi!
I don't suppose you could sneak a few fried artichokes in one of your pocketbooks?

Palma, that is such a great way to experience Rome. I LIKED Rome until we had the time to just "be" there....now I LOVE Rome.

Rome needs time to appreciate her the most.

Are you convincing us that you have not even planned your clothes, let alone started to pack them? I am not sure I am convinced.

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