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Technology for Palmabella

Two years ago I didn't know what a blog was. Last year I couldn't download my digital camera into my computer without waiting for Brad to do it for me. Once there, I could size photos for printing (only because I HAD to learn Photoshop Elements for my scrapbooking). I have come a long way in the past year. I've learned to blog, and add links to my sidebar. We now have an i-pod, so I've learned to spend money on i-tunes. I'm better at manipulating photos. Now I know how to do special things with my digital camera (must be time for a new one). I have learned PowerPoint, i-MovieHD, and how to do fun things with my fabulous photo printer. I can even change the ringtones on my phone. We shop, plan trips, chat, find recipes and LIVE on the internet. I hate email, but read and answer 20-30 Private Messages a day on Slow Talk. We have a Garmin Nuvi 370 GPS I know how to use, (and keep the voice of "Parlabella" in Italian). I can talk to people on other continents for free with SKYPE with my very own headset and microphone.

I am still behind. My "filing system" on my laptop leaves a lot to be desired. It is only recently that I discovered that EVERYTHING on my computer doesn't have to live on my desktop. I can make FOLDERS and subfolders and keep them in places called things like "Documents", "hard drive", or "Palma's Stuff". Stop laughing. I am too old, and they didn't teach personal computers when I went to school in the olden days.
I have a "back up thingy box" so I don't lose anything (Brad calls it an external hard drive. I call it another friggin' thing on my desk.)

I don't know how to "burn a cd". I still haven't tried TIVO. We have an antique VCR (4 years old) I can't program. I still can't figure out how to get photos off my phone into the computer. I think I need an i-Phone.
Don't you think???

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You are one techie in my book, Palma. I can't do half of the things you know how to do!

You go, girl.

Brava!! I think you need to get a new DVD recorder. I just got one for Christmas. It is sooo much better than a VCR and easy to program.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

An I-phone? I think you're ready!
The kids were showing me their blackberry's- we are way behind the times.

In short, like most of us, you know what you want to know... which doesn't mean an iPhone to me!

They tell me VCR is about over, so don't bother with that. Making DVDs on your computer is highly advisable. I am pretty sure your photo program has an acquire or fetch feature that allows you to say from where it should snatch a photo, file, etc., which might be your phone?

Palma, you are so ready for an iPhone!

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