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The Spices Took Over My Kitchen

I think my spices are out of control. No, I KNOW they are! We are supposed to toss and replace them after a year or so, right? I think I might have some that were purchased when I was..., well, never mind!


Here is ONE area of pull out spices, an easy reach while standing at my stove. Why are there 3 jars of ginger, and NO nutmeg? When I need nutmeg, I go over here:


I love my "test tubes" from Dean and DeLuca. Brad got them for me one of our first Christmases together. Well, THAT was 11 years ago! I have refilled the mustard and cinnamon. The thyme is always empty, and I ALWAYS use the fresh rosemary and basil from my yard. There are juniper berries and four kinds of peppercorns. What the heck are "fine herbs"? It must be time to toss "herbs for meat" and "herbs for fish".
I can refill these with my Italian herb blend. I am fairly certain I have never used "anatto". Does anyone know what it is? Where is the damn nutmeg? I can NEVER find the nutmeg! I can toss the cinnamon, as I just bought a huge Costco jar.


Then we have the baking section in my pantry. The vanilla is multiplying: "REAL" vanilla extract, the big jar that someone smuggled back from Mexico, the "condensed paste" from Sur la Table that I use for special recipes, and the Costco size box of vanilla beans I bought at Christmas.


You don't want to know about the various jars of sea salt. You really don't want to hear about extracts or sprinkles or food coloring! It must be almost time to dye eggs!

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LOL Palma...I have 2 of pull out drawers on each side of my cook top and today I too decided to do the same...I had 7 yes 7 little jars of cumin!! Why?? No idea! Oh I have lots of nutmeg...4 of them ( too bad we didn't live closer, I'd give you mine) plus an allspice can I must've bought back in the 70's, all rusted out. Why did I keep and move it? Now my spice drawers are clean also and organized alphabetically.

Toss the Mexican vanilla. I have received two different bottles and it is all gross.


So what do you use meringue powder for? I didn't even know there was such a thing.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

In december I posted on throwing away out of date spices. McCormick spices in the rectangular tins are all out!


Meringue powder is used to make Royal Icing (the pretty kind you decorate cookies or cakes with).


Ah, decorating. That explains why I've never heard of it. :-D


No, no, no, Jerry!
The Mexican vanilla is fantastic...I'm on my last little dollop and need a new quart. I NEED a new quart of the stuff.
Makes the best vanilla icing for my 4 layer coconut cake...mmmmmmm!
Are you sure you weren't taking photos of my spice cabinet, Palma? ;-)
Ciao ciao,


My fridge is taken over by condiments. HELP!


Palma, I'm going to insist that my daughters both look at this post.
They have long teased me about having a pantry full of nothing but spices and condiments.
If you haven't bested me here, you've at LEAST tied!

Sheena :

Writing the date on a spice jar as you buy it is SO simple - why don't we do it???

I have a couple of big bottles of Mexican vanilla - does it keep for ever?

And if you think a cupboard full of full jars is bad..... when cleaning out a kitchen cupboard recently I discovered that Terry had been stashing all of the EMPTY spice jars - so that when he buys herbs and spices in bulk he can decant them. He must have had about 40 jars! I 'allowed' him to keep eight - about seven too many in my opinion.


Buy the whole nutmeg nuts(?) and use your microplane to grate them.

It's got 10 times the flavor of the pre-ground stuff.


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