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Chuckle of the Day

This just makes me laugh. It is true. I don't have a "nothing box", but Brad does!

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teaberry [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Thanks for a good belly laugh, Palma! Stu love horseracing - to me, that's an enormous nothing box - how many times can you watch horses run around in a circle? And get excited about it?

barb cabot:

Thank you for a very big morning laugh! Great humour and as far as I'm concerned so true in my household. Women connecting everything to emotion...that's me for sure! TGIF Palma!

Well, I am happy to say that i do NOT have a nothing box! LOL Thanks for the morning giggle.


Excellent; Chris fishes. I say he only fishes when he catches something, otherwise he's just sitting there, doing ... nothing! Terry, I feel the same about car racing, huh?

What a great way to end my day! I even watched the extended clip. Now I know why I can never talk about just one thing without involving at least 10 other things and why after my father talks to my brother on the phone for 20 minutes (with probably 18 of it in silence), and I ask what my brother had to say, my father responds, "nothing". Thanks Palma!!

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