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Cooking in Montisi

Cooking for Gail's Great Escapes for a week in Montisi will be a new and exciting experience. There will be 16 people sharing a villa for a week, and I am in charge of preparing a few dinners and a party!

Step 1: Plan menus...DONE ( I will be blogging from Italy, but I don't want to give the guests a "sneak peek" of what they will be eating.)

Step 2: Bring my recipes...they are neatly typed, and in plastic sleeves in a binder.
Then it occurred to me...the amounts are in English measurements (cups, ounces and tablespoons), not grams, liters, or ettos, or kilos! Hmmmmmm...

I retyped everything with BOTH measurements, and I will pack my collapsible measuring cups and some measuring spoons. I "practiced" ordering what I will need in Italian.

Step 3: Setting and Equipment
It is one thing to cook for Brad and I or our friends in MY kitchen, with ingredients I know, and all the tools and gadgets I have at my fingertips. I have all the cookware, bakeware, bowls, baking dishes, serving pieces, conveniences, and a stove, cooktop and BBQ I have lots of experience with. Though Brad says I ALWAYS make too much, I am NOT accustomed to 16 or 17 for dinner.


I was able to peek at the kitchen last summer, and I recently did a little research into the kitchen in the villa. It is GORGEOUS, and since the owner loves to cook, it is well-equipped. There is an island, a 5-burner gas stove with oven, travertine counters, and TWO sinks and dishwashers (not counting Brad)! There is even a wood-burning indoor grill! This is NOT a tiny Italian "one-butt" kitchen!

I do know that there is no KitchenAid or heavy duty stand mixer.

There is no Cuisinart or food processor.

I am packing a few NECESSITIES!
I have a favorite knife, coffee scoop, collapsible measuring cups, measuring spoons, my plane grater (think lemons), an egg separator, and aprons. I may need to improvise when I need THREE springform pans on the same night, (there is one in the kitchen) but there is always the Coop or Esselunga!

I understand Jerry is bringing a martini shaker, so we are covered there!

But the kitchen WILL be equipped with a charming Sous Chef: MY very own slicer, dicer, stirrer, chopper, kneader, schlepper, "Brad'll Do It"!

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I've heard of Professor Gadget, and even Inspector Gadget but does this mean I'm "Kitsch'n Gadget"?

Love you,
Brad'll Do It

You'll be surprised what's different. Unless you've a padlock for the fridge... now what happened to that thing I made last night, that cheese I bought for today...
But with a cute assistant, all is possible.


That kitchen IS gorgeous! And you're wise to pack some of your own favourite utensils. And perhaps a back-up metric conversion chart?

Mind you, you'll have so much good help in the kitchen, I'm sure it'll go extremely well!


Palma, you are always SO well prepared for parties!

Looking forward to the blog entries while you are there!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Between kitchen utensils, food, and jewelery~ do you have room for clothes?

I can't wait! We are so lucky.
Note to self...Pack 'don't eat this' stickers.


Cute Brad!!!

Great kitchen and great sous chef! I also really like those collapsible measuring cups, I don't think I have seen those before. I wish I could be in that kitchen eating the food!


I love a man in an apron! Have fun you two - I'll be following your blog.

This sounds like so much fun. You can't go wrong with the preparation you are doing and who needs machines when Brad'll do it!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

I never knew I was bringing a martini shaker! Heck - we can stir them in a bucket - they still taste as great.

Jerry, I distinctly remember...maybe it was SAVANNAH?

So is Brad for rent for slicing and dicing? :)

Palma, next year I will have a picture of YOU in that gorgeous kitchen! It will look even better....

Susan, In Hawaii??? I think it could be arranged! May I come too?

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