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Rome in a Month!


One month from today, we will be in Rome! Our last visit to Rome (my second and Brad's first) was in 2001 for our first anniversary. In looking back on some of those photos, two things are obvious: We have AGED, and there was a lot of KISSING going on during that trip!

Of course, we did all the usual tourist things you can cram in to 4 days of our FAST Travel grand tour of Italy! St. Peter's, the Vatican Museums, Forum, Colosseum, Borghese Gardens, Trastevere, all major piazzas and fountains, and even a half day trip to Tivoli and Hadrian's Villa.

Here are the more youthful Palma and Brad enjoying their delayed honeymoon:





This time we can just relax in our apartment for a week and see where our feet take us!


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I love those photos! You don't look a day older~ the smiles give it away.

Won't be long now!

You are both so cute in those photos that the masses must have fallen in love with both of you.


Lovely photos!

Great photos! It is very cool that you are going back to Rome, and so nice that you have an apartment. You'll be living la dolce vita!

María I.:

Wishing you a grand time in Rome!


You all haven't changed a bit!


Really, you don't look like you've aged a day, Palma!

I hope you'll have a wonderful time, I'm envious -- it seems like it has been so long since I've been to Rome.

The restaurant in the bottom photo, with the mosaics, looks really interesting. Do you recall where that was?


All I remember is that it was a trattoria a couple blocks from the top of the Spanish Steps near our hotel and on Via Sistina!

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