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Sunday at Vic's: Behind the Scenes


Here is the "Behind the Scenes" version of Sunday morning.

Kathy, Brad and I went to Vic's at 9:15 to do a run through with the projector, laptop and THE MOVIE. We had tried it on Friday. Everything worked, but we needed to hook into the restaurant's speakers for amplified sound. No sweat, right? On Friday, Brad and I made a stop at Best Buy, and bought every conceivable cord and cable for a PC, a MAC, input, output, etc. LOTS of back up plans!

We walked into the upstairs dining room, and the whole set-up of tables and buffet was WRONG (not like Kathy and Jan's walk through instructions on Friday). There was no way everyone would be able to see the movie with their configuration. We firmly asked them to MOVE EVERYTHING including the buffet tables, chairs, set tables and flowers. They efficiently did so in about 15 minutes.

Then we started hooking up computers to projector to speakers. We got movie, but no sound with Kathy's laptop. We got the same with my laptop. We brought Steve in to see if he knew something we didn't. We decided it was the speakers that were the problem. The restaurant had another set. NONE of our cords worked. The crowds were gathering outside. We made them wait. I tried not to cry. I went out for a cigarette, praying it would all work when I came back in. It didn't.

We tried 4 laptops, two projectors, two sets of speakers...still no sound. We let in the guests. I smiled and greeted everyone. The breakfast buffet began. I was too heartsick to eat. Believe me, THAT doesn't happen often. I have only been too upset to eat, ONE other time in my whole life. It was inconceivable to me that after over 325 hours of time and love went into that movie, and now we wouldn't be able to show it???

Keith, the AV guy at Vic's, saw my distress. He PROMISED me he would have sound and we would be able to show the movie. At 10 minutes before show time, I went outside for the last prayer and smoke. Brad's food looked good, but I had priorities. I returned, Keith gave me a thumbs up, and we watched the movie. My tears were a mixture of relief, love of Slow Travelers, and the release of weeks of anticipation.
After the movie, I hugged and kissed Keith, Brad tipped him $40 (if there had been a hundred dollar bill left in my wallet he would have gotten that too!), and I realized I was hungry! Oh well, all's well that ends well. I could eat later at the airport! It was SO rewarding to share our movie with everyone in Savannah!

Here are some photos at Vic's: (I kept myself busy with the camera so I wouldn't cry!)







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Barb Cabot:

Dear Dear Palma, Watching the movie was so moving, meaningful and one of the highlights of the weekend! We could tell it was made with alot of love and hours upon hours of labor. To learn of the behind the scenes blood, sweat and tears makes me all the more appreciative. I can't imagine the anguish you were experiencing all morning after all the preliminary precautions taken. OMG and then after all was "not said" you calmly stood before us and presented the film as though it was easy as pie. You are completely amazing Palma and so beloved by all of us. Big huge hugs to you and your wonderful Brad! We all love the the video and we all love YOU!


I'm sorry you were stressed out by the technical difficulties.
The movie (heck, the whole weekend!) was amazing. Thank you again for all of your hard work. And thanks to Brad, too. Hope you both are having a relaxing week...you deserve it!!

Thanks, Barb and Jill!
We are having a great relaxing week and weekend!

Mindy Smith:

OMG Palma! I wanted to have a cigarette just reading your post, my heart was pounding, seriously, I would have been a wreck too! BUT, it was the PERFECT PERFECT end to a PERFECT PERFECT weekend! I've watched the movie 3 times now and I am utterly in awe of all that you and Brad did to make such a wonderful "collage" of what makes SlowTravel such a remarkable place. I am so happy to have finally met you in person. I remember when we first spoke on the phone a few years ago! I'm still fat **wink wink** but my life is that much better for having so many wonderful friends, many are like "family". I think we're pretty damned cute! xoxoxo Pokey

Wow how stressful for you! I am glad it worked out in the end and I hear it was one of the (many) highlights of the weekend but how awful that you had to go through all that heartbreak!! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!


Great job, Palma!
That movie was a sure fire guaranteed way to bring tears to my eyes...and in no place more than the photos of Sheena, because I missed her and Terry so much.
Murphy's Law, as they say...
Still and all, perhaps the whole thing went down that way because the guy needed that $40. Who knows why stuff like this happens? You handled it perfectly, like a calm, cool professional party planner! Good on ya, girl!
Ciao ciao,

Oh, Palma, I wish I could have been there with you! I have had stressful moments before with screening movies, but nothing like what you went through. It is amazing, though, that somehow it always turns out. And what a treat for everyone to see. You did a fantastic job!

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