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A VERY Special Evening in Rome


Thursday night, we got dressed up and had a "post birthday dinner" for Brad. I chose another of Gina's recommended restaurants for a special night out, and indeed it was!
We took a taxi across town to Agata and Romeo. This is near Santa Maria Maggiore. As we got close to the church, there were MOBS of people lining the street. Our taxi driver told us the Pope was coming to say mass in just a few minutes. As we got to the front of the church, we could see all the cardinals and priests sitting out in front, and many carabiniere and polizia in place for the Pope's arrival!

We arrived at the restaurant, and rang the doorbell to enter. It is lovely inside, and you are greeted by pink peonies everywhere, and on each table.

We began with a glass of spumante Brut. Look at the beautiful oval water glasses!

We were brought a tiny crostini with foie gras.
After we ordered, we were brought a selection of breads: cheese rolls, regular Italian bread, grissini, rosemary crackers, and tiny pizzas with mozzarella and tomato. This was served with butter and a golden sea salt.

Next they brought out a tiny seabass tartare on a spoon of guacamole with hot chili pepper and lime.

For a first course I ordered a sformato di pecorino with pear sauce and honey. OMG, I so wanted to lick the plate!

Brad had seared sea scallops with quail eggs and asparagus. YUM!Of course, I was also lusting over the plates!

After our primi, I went outside to smoke, and was able to hear all of the singing from the Pope's mass on the corner. I tried to run down the block for a quick glance, but allora, my entree was coming! Priorities!

My entree was filetto di bue con salsa di vaniglia e confettura di albicocche speziate, patatealforno (beef filet with vanilla sauce, spiced apricot jam, on a bed of mashed turnips with roasted potatoes.

Brad had pork tenderloin with citrus marmalade and tiny roasted carrots, onions and eggplant.

But our meal was far from over! Next we shared a cheese plate with five different cheeses, mostarda and meile.

The waiter arrived with a "pre-dessert" of a tiny piece of citron cake with strega sauce.

Then our dessert arrived! We ordered a lemon budino with mixed berry gelato and fresh sugared berries. It was a beautiful presentation!

We were ready to be rolled out to a taxi, but then the waiter brought " a little dolce from Agata"! Tiny pastries, creampuffs, and chocolate covered strawberries.

During dinner, we befriended our sommelier, Mariantonette. We invited her to come live with us in the desert for a month!

It was truely one of our best meals (top 3) ever in Italy!

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OMG, I think I am gaining weight just looking at the pix of your wonderful meals!

Thank you for giving us our Italy "fix"!

Barb Cabot:

A special dinner for a special birthday. What a great way to begin all the new adventures in the year ahead. Such beautiful presentation!

I love all the food photos!! Wow, a 3 course dessert. That is my kind of restaurant!


What a lovely presentation, your meals look absolutely fantastic. No wonder you and Brad are both glowing!

What a lovely evening. Thanks for sharing the great photos.

Wendy and Rob:

What a lovely evening and marvelous dinner. Thank you sharing it with us.

Again, happy belated birthday Brad.

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