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Brad's Big Birthday!


We have lots to celebrate! Today is Brad''s 60th birthday. We leave for Italy on Friday, and Brad accepted a wonderful job offer in the desert this week! Beginning June 9, he will no longer be schlepping his bag and laptop back and forth to Pasadena, and renting a room. He will be home by 6:30 every night, and be off on Fridays!

SInce we have lived in the desert, (8 years this month), Brad has always worked in another place. He has commuted to both the Bay Area, and Pasadena, and now, first the first time, he will "live at home" 7 days a week!

Some of my friends think I had the perfect deal. They'd love their husband "out of their hair" three nights a week, and no dinner to cook. We still miss each other. I'm actually hoping Brad will fix dinner once a week, as he is becoming quite a good cook. I really don't think it will be much of an adjustment. We see a wonderful summer ahead, evening swims, walks, and all those three-day weekends!

Tonight we will celebrate our birthdays at a special dinner out. The rest of the celebrating will happen in Rome and Montisi.

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Congratulations, Brad, on your new job, upcoming vacation, and big birthday! I know there's going to be some serious celebrating going on with you two! ENJOY!


Happy Birthday Brad! Walking proof that life begins at 60!

Enjoy your dinner celebration tonight, and have a fabulous birthday trip.


Brad's new job is the best news ever! You two really have a lot to celebrate now. I'm looking forward to all the new blog entries about having Brad around full time and his escapades in your kitchen. As always, I'll be living vicariously through you during this upcoming trip to Italy. Have a fabulous time.

Happy Birthday Brad!
I hear 60 is the new 40~ that would make 50 the new 30.
We do have lot's to celebrate in Montisi.
A Presto!


Wow! That's fabulous news!! Tell Brad Happy Birthday and Congratulations. And have a wonderful trip! I can't wait to read all about it.

Barb Cabot:

So many things to be greatful for as Brad enters a new decade. I really expected the cake to say, "Happy 50th!" Tell him I said he does make 60 look Fabulous! Enjoy all the celebrations to come! We all hold our glasses high to toast both of your birthdays! Enjoy your time together always! Love you both.


Happy Birthday to Brad!!! And congratulations on the new job and no commute.

I am one of the many who are looking forward to hear about the Italian escapades...

Just wow. Happy happy here.

And congrats on being able to work closer to home, now.
You guys have a great trip. I'll be watching the blog.

60? WOW

Have a happy day! (and Palma, enjoy yours as well.


I have no idea why my name disappeared from my post - but just to let you know I am the mysterious anonymous!


Hooray and auguri! Happy birthday and congratulations on the new job, that is just wonderful.


Well, it looks like I did indeed get your two birthdays reversed! So sorry!

But, a belated Happy Birthday to Brad!


A belated Happy Birthday to Brad, and congratulations on the new job. Great news for you both!

Happy Belated Birthday Brad!! AND congratulations to both of you on Brad's new job. Enjoy all your extra time together. How wonderful!

Happy Birthday Brad'll Do It! And congrats on the new job. Sounds like a huge benefit to you both - I'm so happy for you.

Happy Birthday, Brad!!

With all these birthdays, there will be a lot of birthday hugs going around in Montisi!


Ooh - just saw this and wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to Brad!! Remember, 60 is the new 50. :D

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