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Che Bella Roma

Ciao from Rome! We arrived after long but on-time flights. Three of our four bags arrived, but not my BIG one with almost all my clothes. Thank God the cooking stuff is here. I have a change of clothes, capris, a nightgown and underwear. Hopefully, we'll get it soon. That aside, it is so wonderful to be here. The driver was still there (even though it took a while for us to do the lost luggage thing...), and we arrived at 5:15PM, and were greeted at the apartment by Massimo and Biancamaria.


After a tour of how to work everything, and checking on wifi, we took a neighborhood walk, and picked up necessities (coffee and milk)!

Then I needed a cappucino to perk!


It worked, and we took a walk, ending up at dinner at La Sagristia.


Vino, vino, vino time! We had a relaxing dinner of pasta with cacio e peppe, then Brad had vitello piccata and I had a plate of bufalo mozzerella and procsuitto.


We had caffe and grappa while listening to opera, staring at the Pantheon with a full moon. I'm SO happy to be here, I could burst!



Time for sleep, so I don't miss a second of Sunday in Rome!

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Palma, I hope your lost luggage finds you and is reunited with you soon.

I have been checking in here to look for your first entry from Italy. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.



OMG!! You are really there.

Ti diverti!

Barb Cabot:

Just beautiful to hear from you and to see you in all your glory, in your element! Could not be happier for you...luggage will follow I'm sure. Though you have landed I'm sure your feet will touch the ground for awhile. Surely this is your heaven!


YAY, Palma!
You are THERE...how fantastic!
I'm reading as you go, savoring every second by osmosis from your blog. Thanks for taking the time to post for us!
Ciao, bella,

By the way, did you notice the ORBS in the last photo you posted? Hmmmm, very interesting...

sheri gifford:

Palma and Brad, have a wonderful trip! It is hard to believe that it is almost a year since our dinner in Florence. I'll be living vicariously through your blog.Hope your luggage arrives soon.

Sheri (and Joe, too)

How nice to see a post so soon - I have been checking all day!! :) Have a wonderful time in Rome!!


I've been anxiously awaiting your first ROme post! I am so excited for you and your trip. If you stop by St. Peter's say a prayer of thanks in the chapel of the blessed sacrament, you are blessed Palma.


Glad you made it ...hope your bag arrives soon. You guys look great!

What an exciting post to see you back in Rome!! I'm sorry to hear about your bag not arriving. I hope it arrives soon! Glad you have some back up clothes with you. Say hello to Massimo and Biancamaria for me. I still need to email them a list of children's books. Have a wonderful Sunday in Rome. Looking forward to reading more about your stay.

Thanks, everyone! Yes, the bag is on it's way to the apartment! YEAH!


hope Rome is lovely as it is POURING here in Chiant!
Great weather for cooking though!

Ciao bella

Welcome back! Hope you and Brad brought your weather with you! I'm thinking of you and wishing you ecstatic happiness. Hugs in Montisi!



Buona sera Palma,

I tried to call you again but the "wind" recording comes on. Is your phone on? Am I dialing the correct number? It was the one programmed in my italian cell. PM me the # if u have time.

So glad to hear your bag is coming!!!

Have a fabulous time and I look forward to reading all about your adventures!


Yay Palma & Brad. You both look so content. Thanks for the update - I'll be checking in too!

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