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WARNING: This post may cause extreme hunger!

Yesterday we had a rainy trip by taxi to the Testacchio market. The rain was on and off, but we found some great little shops where I bought a few ingredients for my cooking in Montisi this coming week. Volpetti is a foodie's dream. I went a little "pazzo". We were offered many tastes, but when I chose four cheeses and ordered a KILO of each, they REALLY gave us kid glove service. Everything was so delicious, I was like a kid in a candy store!





Here is my new best friend in Rome! He was quite pleased when I bought TEN kinds of cheese, antipasti, and part of a dessert I have planned. He packed it all up, recommended a near-by trattoria for lunch, and had it ready when we returned.

We got into a taxi with our Slow Travel shopping bags full, and this great styrofoam cooler. The taxi driver happened to be quite a foodie and great cook, so we spent the ride home exchanging recipes...in Italian. He wanted to know EVERY dish I was serving in Montisi!

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You are right! Cheese is one of my favorite food groups (I could give up meat and chicken and fish but could NEVER give up cheese), and I am now VERY hungry after seeing all of that wonderful cheese at the market!

It sounds like you are getting prepared to be in the Montisi cooking mode. It won't belong now before you are in the kitchen!



What fabulous FUN! Palma, the guy in the middle photo (not your new BF) is the one that gave us the great show of opening a new wheel for us. And his picture is in Fred Plotkin's book, too. You are rubbing elbows with the famous cheese folk!

Palma, I'm so antsy for the pictures of your Montisi dinner to be posted.
Please get lots of delicious closeup shots. I don't need to see the people enjoying it. I just need to feel like I could pluck it right off my monitor.

OK, Deborah!
Yeah, we know what THOSE people look like. It is the food that is important!

BTW, the poppy sheets came from an outlet ay Fidenza Outlets (between Piemonte/Bologna). I'll look for you in Sept.

What fun!! I also LOVE cheese. I love all of your interesting taxi driver stories :)

Oh I just love this post! What a great shopping trip! Mmmmm cheese...


Palma, that all looks so fantastic! Maybe it's for the best I don't live in Rome, I'd be broke all the time.....

Wendy and Rob:

You did good! This was a nice addition to your blog, which I am totally enjoying. I think I will have to find your shop on our next Roman visit. Grazie.

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