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One More Sleep

I'm SO ready!

Today, my "to do " list is short: Nail appointment, bank, call ATM/credit cards to notify them of travel.

I figured since I get to be in Italy in the spring, my house/dogsitter should get to sleep on a set of sheets perfect for Italian dreams.


I am charging my BRAND NEW Canon HD Camcorder (that my very nice and generous ex-husband gave me for my birthday!).


It is around 100 degrees here, so I will have my last fix of pool time for 2 weeks.
Yes, there is a pool in Montisi, but I will be in the kitchen (and it would be too cold for me anyway)!

Then I will do what I always do...sit and WAIT until it is time to go.

I hope to blog daily from Rome. Montisi may be more difficult, but surely either Jerry, Sandi or I will have a scoop!

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Barb Cabot:

Ooooh to be so organized. Lounge and enjoy! No last minute stressing for you. I really like your "to do list" which is short and sweet. Get pampered and then it's time to fly! Wheeee-ee almost there!

Be sure to have a great time. Eat lots of gelato, pasta, and don't forget the vino! Ciao Bella!


Palma, enjoy each minute--as if there is a possibility you won't :) Now I can start our countdown--34 days--is it time to pack?

Cute lady on the couch :) Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to reading about your fun in Rome and Montisi.


How wonderfully well organized you are, Palma! Very wise, you can start your trip on a relaxed footing. I know you'll have a fantastic time, in Rome and in Montisi with the gang. I'm so looking forward to reading all about it (and seeing photos, perhaps even of purse and ceramic finds!)


Palma & Brad, have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures (and videos).

Sheena :

I cannot IMAGINE being able to lounge on the day before a trip. That is MAJOR STRESS day. Didn't anybody ever tell you that?

I'll miss you, try to blog - no, on second thoughts don't try, just forget about everything except being in Italy with the wonderful Brad.

Safe travels, have fun.

Love, Sheena


Just FYI, Palma, I'm "anonymous" who posted above. We've got a new computer system and it continually eats personal info that I thought was saved. Sorry! But it gives me another chance to wish you and Brad a fantastic trip!

Palma, I hope I have time on Monday to relax before we leave on Tuesday....you are my inspiration! See you soon, girlfriend!

A video camera??

Oh No! I can just see us on You Tube... Montisi Moments.


Buon Viaggio Sorella!!!!!!!!!Ti auguro una bella vacanza! Un bacione a Brad.


Palma, Here is wishing you and Brad a great trip. Take lots of pictures and put August's gift to good use... be waiting for videos along with the blogs and trip report!


(Yes, I was shouting. LOL)

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