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Rain Rain Rain

Tuesday, it rained...and rained, "gatti e cani", pretty much all day and night. Let me catch you up on the situation with my luggage, since it has been DAYS since I've mentioned it. We arrived at FCO on Saturday afternoon, one bag short (my BIG one). Sunday morning at 8 AM, Alitalia called MY CELL PHONE and said they had my bag, and it would be delivered by courier that day. They were clearly going to CALL FIRST, as we are in an apartment, not a hotel where they could just drop it off if we weren't home.

Sunday night...no bag. "It will be there Monday morning at the latest." I believed them, and had only bought a toothbrush. (I had SOME pants, a change of clothes and some extra undies.) No big deal. By Sunday evening, I was disappointed, but hey, we were in ROME, and I was SO happy seeing and doing and eating and drinking, that it was still ok! I used Brad's shampoo, etc., and he had packed the hair dryer. I wore jeans again. Monday, I let Alitalia buy me some makeup and two tops. We were "in the hood", and had the cell handy at all times. They said it would be here "late afternoon", so we came back to the apartment, and got ready for the GTG. Massimo called and said they had called HIM, AFTER they attempted to deliver my bag in the morning! Excuse me, we were at the corner having coffee with our cell phone on!
I decided Alitalia would love to pay for the cute shoes I "had to buy" yesterday!

We were given a new window of 9-1 on Tuesday. After coffee, we hung out in the apartment, had lunch from our provisions, read our books, and watched it rain.

At 12 :15, my bag was delivered! YEAH!


So what does one do on a VERY rainy afternoon? GO SHOPPING, of course! It is dry in the stores, and we had our 2 Euro umbrellas from the street vendor! We visited Gusto, a lovely kitchen shop, where I bought a huge jar of honey with pepperocino. Then I had a laser strike at Furla, with a wonderful bag AND a new wallet! Next, I found a lovely green linen outfit (pants and jacket), and a sweater set.


We relaxed in a cafe until time for dinner. It was a perfect Palmabella rainy day in Rome!

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I can't believe it took the airline that long to get your bag delivered! That is insane!

I bet Rome is wonderful in spite of the rain - you just do different things.

Keep those reports coming - we love them!

Barb Cabot:

I'm glad you did some shopping on the airlines tab! I just emailed you but here is the latest. Aria will be in Rome Friday morning to do a short segment on the television morning program called, "Uno Mattina". I don't know ital. t.v. but I've been told this is like the Today Show or Good-Morning America. She and some other Fulbright recipients will be doing some small interview. If you happen to be in the apt. Friday morning getting ready to go out you might catch a glimpse. Just wanted you to know. Take care Palma!

Hey Girl,when the going gets tough...the tough go shopping! I can't think of a better way to spend the day!

Hi Palma and Brad,

This is indeed a wet spring - SOOOOOOOO unusual! Hope it has let up some in Rome. If I can bring something other than wine to Montisi, do let me know.

Enjoy every minute.

Hugs to be postponed until Montisi!


Sheena :

Palma I have almost exactly that photograph times three (Nikki, Jen and I) outside the Furla in Florence - same background, same big shopping bags, same big smiles!

Glad your luggage showed up, and even happier that it obviously didn't put a damper on your trip.


I'm so glad you finally received your suitcase. How frustrating. I do believe you were a bit conservative in your purchases that the airline will cover.

Hope the rain goes away.

I'm enjoying the meals that you and Brad are dining on. Yum yum.

Yay the bag is back! Excellent news. Also great to hear that you are enjoying yourselves despite the rain - but I had no doubt that you would! Furla... sigh.


Hi Palma,

I had a similar "disaster" on my last trip to Paris. While waiting for my bag to arrive, I tried shopping. Problem was that I could not buy anything to wear in Paris. I could not find anything that would fit my double digit clothes size! If I were a size 2, I would have purchased some clothes on AA's tab!:(

And to add insult to whatever, they lost my luggage on the trip back home too... I am jsut one "lucky" traveler!

And what a beautiful bag that is!! I just love that street photo, the way the buildings curve with the gold, orange, green and brown colors. Glad you are enjoying yourselves and finding fun things to do in the rain!

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