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The "Unofficial Angels and Demons Tour"


On Thursday, we arrived at Piazza del Popolo at 9 AM in time for a cup of coffee before we met Tony da Roma, and our group for our tour, following the story in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.We began at Santa Maria del Popolo, where the first bishop was killed and branded with the word "EARTH". We saw the private chapel containing the statue of the angel which guided character Robert Langdon across Rome to try to save the second bishop from his death.

Tony did a great job of pointing out a plethora of inaccuracies in Brown's book. Next we traveled (by air conditioned van) to St Peter's square at the Vatican. We learned all about the Swiss Guard, and saw the imbedded plaque designating wind: AIR.

The next stop was Santa Maria della Vittoria, where a bishop was burned, and Langdon was almost suffocated in a sarcaphagus.

Here is Saint Teresa "in ecstasy":

We continued on to Piazza Navona and the "fountain of the four rivers", where the book continues to give false "facts": WATER. Finally we ended in a downpour after touring the Castel San Angelo. It was really entertaining, and factual to do the tour with Tony. He is knowledgeable and gives fun information about Rome!

We walked back to the Campo de' Fiori, and had a calzone for lunch. Then I went to the meat market and bought LOTS of pork for a HUGE pot of ragu. Here is "my butcher", Leonando, being cute.

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That sounds really cool! And it brings back memories: I read the book in Rome in May of 2004... Ah! And I love the fact that you have a butcher in Rome!!


I haven't read the book, but the tour sounds facinating anyway! Great photos too. I loved Piazza del Popolo, although have only been there once (so far!) But we were there in the very late evening when it was practically deserted so we almost had it all to ourselves!


I also really love the Piazza del Popolo! The Angels and Demons tour sounds like fun and Tony has such a good sense of humour, I'll bet it was a hoot.

Even tho the book is pretty bad (altho it was a fun read) it certainly provides an interesting hook for a Roman tour!


Um, those butchers are kind of, like, HOT.


This is one of the tours we're thinking about cramming in during our two days in Rome. Glad you enjoyed it.

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