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When in Rome...


I WILL eat gelato at Giolitti and San Crispino, and try new flavors I have never ordered before.

I WILL eat fried artichokes in the Jewish ghetto.

I WILL do coffee taste tests at Tazza D'Oro and St. Eustachio.

I WILL spend some quality time at the Testaccio Market (and hopefully find some treats to share in Montisi).

I WILL enjoy meeting new and old friends at a Slow Travel GTG!

I WILL finish re-reading Angels and Demons before we take 3 Millennia's "Unofficial Angels and Demons Tour" with Tony da Roma.

I WILL order pasta "caccio e pepe" at a trattoria.

I WILL spend hours enjoying Brad's company while sipping vino at Cul de Sac.

I WILL visit Volpetti for more treats.

I WILL hunt through at least four carefully scoped out kitchen stores for gifts for MY kitchen.

I WILL enjoy time wandering and eating in Trastevere.

I WILL visit the Bramante Cloister at Santa Maria Della Pace.

I WILL have a rooftop drink with a view at Hotel Eden. No talking me out of this one. I have wanted to do this on every trip to Rome. I don't care WHAT they charge for a drink!

I WILL treat Brad to a special "birthday dinner" at Agata e Romeo.

I WILL have fresh flowers from the Campo in the apartment every day.


Photos are courtesy of Rome.info

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Palma, what a fantastic list! And a brilliant idea! I have a very bad habit before I leave on a trip of planning things I want to do, or things I want to shop for, even telling people all about these things. And then I forget half of them once I'm traveling.

I share your love of cacio e pepe and had a wonderful dish of this in January at La Sagrestia, near the Pantheon. Really hot black pepper! And the rooftop drink sounds fantastic, the entire list sounds fantastic.

You've inspired me to get going on my own list, including ceramics I intend to buy!

What a wonderful list!! It sounds like you will have a glorious time in Roma.

Barb Cabot:

Palma, As you describe your plans I can feel it, breathe it and almost imagine I am there. When you are Cul de Sac (#73 Piazza di Pasquino) look just across the street at #76 via del Governo Vecchio...same area a few feet away. There is a great little neighborhood place called, "Ciccia Bomba" tel 06.68802108. (closed Wed.) If you are in the neighborhood and want something good to munch on this is a nice place and not expensive. We stayed upstairs in the apt. at #77 last May. I wish it were this May with you in the "hood!" Have fun with your wonderful plans.

Thanks, Barb! We'll check it out!

Sounds lovely! I will travel vicariously through your trip report... I love the idea of the drink on the roof terrace.

Palma-where will you be staying in Rome?


We'll be at Massimo and Biancamaria's Rome-is-Home apartment near the Campo di Fiori.

From Nancy L. (who was unable to post a comment)

Last year, John and I were invited to dinner with friends on the rooftop of the Hassler Hotel. It was absolutely thrilling to see all of Rome lighted up at our feet. My friend remarked, "I have studied the Roman Empire for years and, now, I get it, I really get it". ***I can also tell you how to sneak up for the same view at the Hassler!

Have a fabulous trip!


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