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Poppy Heaven


There is so much beauty in Italy, I can cry thinking about it...the art, the architecture, the duomos and tiny chapels, the green valleys, stone houses, cypress lined roads, the seascapes, the arches, the hill towns and vineyards, the olive groves, oh my, but for me, nothing quite does it like a field of sunflowers or POPPIES!

We had a great poppy field close by, as well as many scattered blooms along the road, and the beautiful Spanish broom was a blaze of yellow.


I remember our first May trip to Italy in 2003. I must have made Brad pull off the road ten times a day to either pick a bunch for a vase, or to take photos. He was a saint, but I couldn't get enough. We have a whole guest room devoted to poppy "stuff", and I will have to refrain from making these a screen saver, or I could spend hours a day staring at these flowers.





Does it get any better than this?


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Barb Cabot:

Thank you, Thank you for these wonderful photos. The beauty of nature and of these fields of endless red poppies takes my breath away. When you are in the midst of this sight how can life not be indescribeably good?


Oh Palma, those are so beautiful. I have never seen fields of poppies like that. (Mental note: next year, visit Italy in May!)

I especially love photo #3, the divine closeup of a poppie.

The poppies were more spectacular this year due to a wet spring. Your photos are EXCELLENT, you captured the very essence of the May fields in ALL their splendor. Lovely indeed!

I first discovered the Locanda dell'Amorosa 30 years ago when Maurizio and I went for our 10th wedding anniversary. We often go to lunch - it is just one hour away and one of our favorites as well.

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