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Shopping in Italy

I was somewhat behaved the first week in Rome. I mostly bought cheese and honey, but we are not counting food purchases here. Ok, I splurged at the Furla store with a gold purse and a new wallet to match. It is hard to tell in the sunlight, but they are a beautiful metallic gold color leather.

I bought a wonderful wooden puzzle of Italy for the kids. (This will be hard for me to part with.)

No more shopping until San Gimignano! I was overdue. It was a very short and very successful afternoon! Leather and a bracelet in less than 30 minutes!

Next shopping opportunity was in Orvieto. 5 minutes in the linen shop for new pot holders:

Three ceramic pieces took another 20 minutes! I am very quick and decisive when chosing what I like.
Three of my favorite things are all in this one piece: poppies, sunflowers, and lemons!

An antipasti tray with 3 square plates...or not! (and FIGS!)

Finally a baking dish to match the recetangular one I bought last year. It is a perfect size.

In Florence, we shopped for an hour until lunch time. It never takes me long to find treasures. At the Rampini shop, I bought 8 mugs, a creamer and sugar bowl and 2 candlesticks to match the pattern I started last year in Radda. See those cute round mugs in the very front?


Next, some paper placemats of Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan:

Two books and a paper store:

A Luisa Spagnoli shopping bag always makes me happy!

Here's a closeup:

I still have a few Euro saved for our September trip where I will shop instead of cook!

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Talk about making great use of your time!!! Palma, your shopping is inspiring me to make a long list of things that I`d like to pick up when I`m in Italy.

The potholders are great, the purses are fab, the ceramics perfect -- and I desperately want one of those puzzles!


I really enjoy every aspect of your blog, but this is the post I'd been looking forward to and you haven't disappointed - I love your style and envy your decisiveness.


I LOVE that puzzle! I wouldn't part with it either!


I absolutely adore that baking dish, what gorgeous bold colours!!!

I don't want to be an enabler, but someone I know has just started a new line that I think is wonderful. A Furla lover I am, but this I like better.

It's Italian, so it has Flash and music, but really the stuff is worth the irritation.

Actually, I think I should have some of those placemats. Can't buy anything to store without throwing stuff out, but paper is ephemeral.

Is that a pic of me in Umbria on the puzzle?


Shopping buddy! I love all your purchases, especially the leather and Rampini items. I also like all the different colored eyeglass holders-a great idea for gifts. I would love to go on a shopping expedition with you someday in Italy. Not only do I shop like you (quick decisions) but I love to spend other people's money by egging them on to buy the things they can't resist!

Sandra G.:

Wow. The top with chains is great - I am heading straight to that store when I get to Bologna in October. I'm heavy too and have always had a hard time finding things that fit in Italy. Thank you thank you thank you for passing along this information. We big boned gals have to stick together and pass along shopping tips.

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