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Wine in the Garden and Dinner at Roberto's

I must say, the group cleans up well for dinner! We gathered for wine in the garden (more on the garden and the villa later...) before dinner.

Who are these two handsome guys? Brad and Holly's husband, Rick! (Sandi's wonderful brother-in-law)

Sandi, and her sister Holly are coordinated and accessorized!

Here we are enjoying the moment.

Another shot of me with the handsome men!

I must say, dinner at Roberto's was a big disappointment to us. I was starving when we arrived, and hadn't had lunch. I had a slice of an ok bruschetta, then some bland pici in a not so garlicy tomato sauce.

The other pasta was so mushy I couldn't eat it.

To be fair, we learned that Roberto's cook was in the hospital, and he was short staffed. I can excuse the poor service and his "annoyed-at-everyone" attitude. Running out of white wine was a problem when I wanted a second glass. Its not like I'm a big drinker. Jerry's table shared half a bottle, so I got a second half-glass to go with my entree. The secondi was a platter of sausage, pork, and chicken. The sausage was good, the pork rib I tried unchewable, and I didn't sample the chicken.

The veggies were fine, and I ate some grilled zucchini.

I will give Roberto an A for his panna cotta, and Brad enjoyed the chocolate dessert he shared with a table mate.

We did enjoy dining with the gang from the villa.

Maybe I'm a food snob. After a week of fabulous food in Rome, I was looking forward to some great Tuscan fare the nights I wasn't cooking. Luckily, things improved greatly over the course of our week. It was a first for me to leave a restaurant in Italy hungry! I really enjoyed my doppio latte that night at the bar.If you want a great meal and are near Montisi, I would suggest you keep driving to Trequanda or Castlemuzio!

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Nancy L:

I know that everyone is enjoying your blog as much as I am - we missed you!



Palma, you deserved a wonderful Tuscan dinner and I'm sorry that didn't happen--that night. People love to say that you can't have a bad meal in Italy but that is so not true. Fortunately it is not too often. Congratulations on the great meals you treated everyone with.


Oh, dear. I hope Gail doesn't read your comment about steering clear of Montisi. I'm sure she is proud of her great relationship with the residents and businesses in the town.

Perhaps you didn't consider how your post might affect her friends and her business.


I certainly don't wish to steer people away from Montisi, as it is a charming little town with much to offer, but when it comes to food, I must be honest about my experiences, whether they be good or bad.
Gail is aware of many peoples opinions about Roberto's food and service.


Palma, review?? :)

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