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Citrus-Glazed Polenta Cake


The Sunday Slow Bakers, besides being a group of wonderful Slow Travel people who love to cook and bake, are also an amazing group of caring and generous friends.
Gina, our inspiration, is sick, and we wanted to do something. In an instant a couple things were organized to help, or cheer her up, and the Slow Bakers came through!
I am so proud to be part of this. Slow Bakers ROCK!


This week, we made Citrus-Glazed Polenta Cake. I have always used regular (coarse grain) polenta for cooking, so first I had to find "fine" or "instant" polenta. No problem. There it was on the grocery store shelf (made in Italy). Everything else was already in my pantry. When I first read Dolce Italiano, this was the cake that got my attention! At the time, it was Christmas season, and I had an over-abundance of citrus in my yard. I made the "All-of-the-Lemon Tart" first, and this has been on hold.

The kitchen smells like sunshine when the cake is baking. Brad's Friday breakfast is missing!


The best part of this cake, is that it uses zest from one orange, one lemon, and one lime. Juice from the three fruits is used for the yummy glaze. The remaining juice went into that night's apricot chicken! Someday soon, I will make instant polenta.


Another yummy WINNER!

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Barb Cabot:

Palma, lovely version of this cake. You know I'm busily trying to catch up on all blogs and slow trav stuff but somewhere did you say "quit your job"? Have I missed something while I was gone?

Palma-Your cake looks beautiful! No sinking in the center like mine did. What are those decorating the top-are they small lemons?


This cake looks so zesty and delicious. You are a talented food stylist as well as baker (and numerous other things). I hardly ever bake, but I'm going to try this in honour of Gina and her recovery. I have the ingredients and think I can easily translate the recipe to uk measurements.You and the other slow bakers are also an inspiration.

Barb, I still see clients in my private practice, but just quit my one day a week job supervising interns at an agency.

Sinead, Make it. Your kitchen will smell like summer sunshine. It is a nice easy one.

Cindy Ruth, It did sink a little! Two years ago I found those beautiful little candy lemons in Capri and bought a bag for garnishing. They seemed perfect with a few real lemon leaves from my tree.

A find looking cake palma - and a really nice serving platter too!

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