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Mama Mia!



If you need a lift, a huge smile put on your face, grab someone you love, or a friend, sister, neighbor, child, and go see Mama Mia...now! This movie version of the ABBA musical is a brilliant with an all-star cast.

Meryl Streep rarely disappoints, and is able to play any role with grace, but as "Donna", she gets to come out to play and really show off all of her stuff. Singing her way down hillsides of a Greek island village, with all the local women following her to the sea, mid-air splits off a mattress with her old girlfriends, an emotional version of "Winner Takes All" sung to former lover (Pierce Brosnan), and a heart-tugging

Streep plays a middle-aged mom of a spirited daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who is getting married at their run-down inn on an idyllic Greek island. She has invited her two former sick-kick friends, practical, down-to-earth Rosie (Julie Walters), and lusty, rich, divorcee, Tanya (Christine Baranski). Sophie has always wondered who her father is, and find's mom's diary with entrees about three possible candidates: mom's former lovers from a summer 20 years ago (Pierce Bronson, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgayrd). Sophie secretly invites her three possible dads to the island. From there the fun and lots of music and luscious Mediterranean scenery take the ABBA hits to a life of their own.


I haven't had so much fun at a movie since, well, I can't remember. I thought the transition of the score from the on-stage version was BRILLIANT. My friend told me, "It is the kind of movie that you leave, and want to get right back in line and see again." I agree! It is a delightful 108 minutes of fun. I DARE you not to walk out with a grin on your face (humming "Dancing Queen")! BRAVA!


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Barb Cabot:

Palma, great review. I couldn't agree more. This is a "feel good" movie to be sure. I loved the play and wondered how it would translate into a movie and was happily surprised to see it held its' own. The scenery left me breathless. "Dancing Queen" just makes me go crazy happy. Love it.


Thanks, Palma!!!
I hadn't seen this particular trailer before!
I'm going on Thursday with my 5 girlfriends from Choir... can't wait!
I loved the stage musical.

Palma, thank you for the review. I've heard pros/cons about this movie but you have me ready to run to the theatre.


It WAS fun, wasn't it? I saw Mamma Mia yesterday with a couple of friends and enjoyed it more than I had expected I would. Mind you, I'm a huge Meryl Streep fan!

I especially loved the scene where pretty much every woman in the village ends up dancing and singing together on the dock!

You are convincing me that since I am banned from work due to my contagious pink eye thing, I am thinking Mamma Mia might just be what I need to liven up my day! There usually aren't many people in the theatre in the middle of the day to infect and I could even break out in song with ABBA if I wanted. Thanks for the encouragement and the great review!

This is a DVD I need. I keep getting lent movies with violence, depressing abusive and tragic relationships or car chases. I want Streep" I want music! I want fun and sun on a Greek Island! Yeah, Abba!

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