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"Red Hot Invitational Video Poker Tournament"


We needed to be in Vegas for a surprise birthday celebration for Casey. We are saving money for Italy, which is tough enough since I quit my job last month. I am still paying for the last Italy trip on my credit card!

I get monthly offers in the mail from the Harrah's group of casinos: Caesar's, Paris, Bally's, Rio, etc. We needed a cheap room! I usually start at the top, and call Caesar's first, as I have been an "Empress" and a Caesar's fan for over 30 years. At somewhere around $350 a night... NO WAY! Next, I called Paris, as we had a wonderful time there last January. Their offer was $180 on Friday, and $150 on Saturday. This was better, but still not in the budget! Moving down the list, I decided we could "slum it" at Balley's if we had to. I called, and they said we could have THREE FREE nights if I played in the video tournament at the Rio. Sign me up!

I've never been in a tournament. We arrived late Thursday night, and were given a really lovely room at Balleys! There were room for three king size beds, as well as our sitting area. We got points for gambling (next door at the Paris). Friday, we hit the Fashion Show mall, and I had coffee with Beth at the Nordstrom Cafe, before finding EXACTLY the walking shoes I needed for September's Italy trip. After some gambling at Caesar's, we attended Casey's surprise party, but more on that later.

Saturday, we arrived at the Rio to register for the tournament. I was assigned a 1:30 play time on both Saturday and Sunday. You are assigned a machine, and given 850 credits you must play in TEN MINUTES! You must use all the credits. Your fingers are flying! That means you must deal, draw, and complete one poker hand every 3 and a half seconds! You are racing the clock, and it is an INTENSE ten minutes! I flew, and had a very good score for my first session. I had great cards, and scored over 1000 points!

Sunday, I was excited for the next round. I had lousy cards, but was able to monitor my time even better, and had an average score. We drove home, and called the number when the winners were posted. First prize was $3500. The next nine won $350. But the top 20% won a $100 prize, and I was one of them. We were also given two small gifts for being in the tournament, and $50 in food vouchers! Not bad for 10 minutes a day! Sign me up for the next tournament! THAT was fun!

Palmabella in hell? No! It is Red Hot Video Poker!


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Wow, that is the kind of Vegas trip I'd like to make!... Problem is I do not know how to play poker.

So is Rio sending your prize and gifts to you since you said you were on your way home when you found out that you were one of the winners. Way to go!


Wow -- that sounds pretty exciting (and I love the idea of 3 free nights in a hotel -- especially in Vegas!)

I have never been and have always wanted to. I think it would be REALLY fun to go with a group of friends who want to shop, see some silly shows and a bit of kitsch!


Hey, when you're hot, you're hot!

Palma, I reckon you were writing English, but I hardly understood anything you were saying!

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