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Shortcut Lemon Tiramisu

One of my favorite desserts this spring/simmer has been lemon tiramisu. I have made it for guests 2-3 times since the initial experiment in Montisi. The problem with that recipe is that we always have so much left over. I decided to make 4 individual portions for our dinner party, so there would be no leftovers. A couple of easy shortcuts can be applied.

Step 1: Put 2 ladyfingers in the bottom of small bowls.


Step 2: Brush with lemon syrup from recipe, or just use limoncello!


Step 3: Spoon on some lemon curd. I had some home made lemon curd in the fridge from our last large batch. It keeps well for a few weeks stored in a glass jar, but you can use some purchased lemon curd if you don't want to make it.


Step 4: Whip some cream with a little sugar. Just before it begins to peak, add about 2 oz. of marscapone, and finish beating. Put a dollop of cream on top. Repeat with another ladyfinger, syrup/limoncello, curd and cream. Garnish with fresh berries.


We decided to have some fun playing with garnishing. I showed Diana how to use a spoon of lemon curd with some raspberry sauce to make a design on the plate. Then we made up other designs.





We were having fun playing with our sauces, but Brad and Walt were ready to EAT dessert!


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This sounds delicious and perfect for summer.


So pretty!

I'm also a lemon-over-chocolate person. I've got to try making your homemade lemon curd sometime.

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