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Zinnias are hot weather flowers that come originally from Mexico and grow well in the southwest all the way to South America. It is one of the few annuals that do well in the desert summer temperatures. We usually replace all of our pots with zinnias from May to October. They grow fast, are easy to grow from seed or small plants and keep the garden alive with bright colors. Zinnias range from 6" to 3' in height.

I walk around and look at the zinnias almost every day. Each one is unique. They remind me of a diverse neighborhood of people with their own personalities. (Go with me here, I haven't completely lost it!)

Here is the "Queen Bee" and most sophisticated of the crowd. She lives "on the water". She wants to be "in charge":


"Mr. Nice Guy" who lives next door. He will loan you his power tools, or help you with a ladder.


"Pretty in Pink" is a girly girl who spends more time at the salon than anyone. She is slightly narcissistic and quite clueless.


The new (choose minority of your choice) couple who just moved into the neighborhood. They keep to themselves, and people "aren't sure" yet. You bake them a cake to say "Welcome to the neighborhood".


The little lady in the house with all her cats. No one is sure of her age, but though she shows signs of withering, she is still beautiful and wise.


You favorite neighbors! This couple loves to entertain, and they'd be happy to collect your mail or water your plants when you're on vacation.


That fitness instructor, single mom down the street. You may see her running with her ipod, or loading her mountain bike onto her car for a long ride. How does she do it all? She is always smiling with a healthy glow.


Barely a blush of pink. She is quiet, seems depressed, never goes out in the bright sun. She seems anxious and mysterious. Drinking problem?


The family with all the kids! Bikes and toys all over the driveway, a boat in the garage, and always selling school wrapping paper or Girl Scout cookies. You buy them special BIG candy bars for Halloween!


Multi-ethnic couple with the beautiful baby. They walk in the evening with the dog and a carriage. Everyone stops to see the new little one!


Everyone's friend, always hosting the block party with a cheerful personality and "colorful past". She writes, paints, and makes a great martini. Fashion conscious, she collects handbags.


They are ALL coming to dinner tonight!


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Sarah V:

Hi Palma! i was checking out your blog this morning with my mom in Michigan! She is putting you into her favorites so she can come check out your pictures, food, and to dream about italy! so if you here from some crazy lady named Teri that's my moomoo! She names everything too! I hope you guys are well! Love, S


TOO CUTE! I love the couple with the cute baby... :)

Carole :

Now let's guess who "Everyone's Friend" could be! I think we all know and love her.

Loved it. I guess although I am the little old lady with cats I am trying to be a bit more colorful! You've given me a whole new impetus to make those zinnias grow, which they never seem to want to here.


I LOVE zinnias and apparently, so do you!

BUT...you don't grow my favorite green one, aptly named "Envy."

She'd be very pretty in your bouquet.

Think I'll order up a bunch of seeds for when I go south in the fall.


Hmmmm, Palma can you introduce me to Mr. Nice Guy? He seems very cute and colourful (besides clearly being a nice guy!)

Beautiful photos, thanks for posting these!

Barb Cabot:

This is hilarious and beautiful at the same time.

I love zinnias and I really love this post! Great job!

They all look so gorgeous! I also live in the desert and you have inspired me to grow zinnias next year.

Palma, I can't believe I didn't see this entry. I LOVE it!
All I can say is "Your profession is showing." :grin:
And I disagree with Carole. I think you and Brad are "Favorite Neighbors"

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