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How Many of Me?

I saw this on Maria I's blog and am passing it on.

How many of YOU are there?

Check this out. I was unable to post the actual meter, but you can go here and enter your name to see how many others have your name in the United States.

I first entered "Palma" and my professional/maiden name.
There is only one of me. I was not surprised.

I WAS shocked to see that there are 4,572 Palmas in the U.S.!

When I entered "Palma" with my married last name...there were TWO!

There are 52 people with Brad's name in the U.S..

There are 115 people named Harry Potter. That cracked me up!
There are 511 people named George Bush. Can you imagine?
There are 1307 George Washingtons.
There are 300 people named John Doe and 23 Jane Does. I am assuming they are alive.
Three people are named Frank Sinatra.

I can see playing on this site for WAY TOO LONG. I must go get something done.
Have fun!

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Palma, I confess that I saw this on someone's blog and spent way too much time on it myself, too. There are 168 of me somewhere out there!


In the US, just me! But I believe there is a German author with my name. I'm shocked by the number of Palmas out there - who knew.

There is 0 of me!

There are 1,210,122 with the name Susan in the world (one reason why I like girasoli - original) and 629 of me.

18 for me. 248 for Steve (and several of them are in Santa Fe!).

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