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Pinot and Ponies 2


We spent the afternoon at Del Mar race track with Shannon, Sharon, Cheryl and Tom.
It was warm and beautiful, and we had great seats on the finish line in a nice shady section that was convenient to everything (wine, bathrooms, betting...).

While those around us ate typical expensive, greasy junk food sold at stadium concessions, the Slow Travelers ate well, munching on "taralli", fig and cambazola sandwiches on fig bread, luscious berries, and ooey gooey cake.

From left to right, here are Cheryl, Tom, Shannon, Palma and Sharon:


We were at Del Mar all afternoon, and after a quick shower, we headed to The Vine in Ocean Beach for a delicious dinner. After a cheese board, meat and cheese plate, olives, and some salads, the carnivores were quite happy. Lots of great food on the table, but there were several filets in a red wine reduction.


Krista's flatiron steak with gorgonzola, carmalized onions and walnuts looked good too!


We brought our own desserts, and the wine was plentiful. See how happy we were?
We just love our GTGs!


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barb cabot:

What a happy crowd of beautiful smiles. Sounded like a completely wonderful time.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

check it out...
In the first photo (which is very good of all of you) the woman behind you is rubbing ice cream on her neck!

Palma, thanks for posting about the Pinot and Ponies. Does it look a little like Brad is pushing me into the dessert in the photo??? Or maybe I'm just tipsy from all the wine...


Palma, I went back to Azucar to get a brownie for dinner (don't ask me why I wanted even MORE sugar, I guess I am an addict) and they asked me why you had picked the tomatoes out of your quiche. When I told Bert that he had served you the wrong one he was SO bummed. He said "I am SO RETARDED." So, I am to take you the proper quiche in October, and it will make a great late night snack after your party.

Thank you so much for making taralli, they are unbelievably delicious and you are a sweetheart for making something so time consuming for us all.


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