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What Can You Bring Back for 14 Euro?

Italy travelers return to the U.S. with leather jackets, handbags, shawls, artwork, ceramics, jewelry, wine, and olive oil. I have brought home all of those. But what can you buy for under 14 Euro? TREASURES from the grocery store!!!


For just under 14 Euro, I have 8 cans of tuna in olive oil (for tonnato sauce), two tubes of triple concentrated tomato paste, two jars of noci sauce, and two bags of 00 flour!

I am as excited about these purchases as I am about other items I bought. I packed the rest and carried that flour home on the plane!

Other food items I bought on the trip seem to fall into two categories: salty and sweet.

I bought truffle paste in Alba, a salt-spice blend in Portovenere, and pink and blue sea salt in Bologna.


On the sweeter side, I have coffee with adorable little Bigaletti sugar packets, tiny hard candies, and soft amaretti from Mombaruzzo. We also ended up with two bottles of Brachetto in Brad's luggage.


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Quite the haul. Is it really impossible to buy oo flour in the US?

Next time I suggest you try the salt from Cervia - you were close. It was probably all over Bologna (and it is packaged in plastic).

Hey, where's the olive oil? well, it'd be last years anyway.


The best part of the trip, is what you can enjoy when you get home! Wonderful purchases!!!!


Funny when I go over to Italy I drag along american food products for my relatives in a 25" suitcase, but like you on the way home I fill it with all the Italian food products i love and are impossible to find here. I love those jar sauces you brought back.

Palma-Nice foods you brought back. I love opening a package of something I brought back from another country months later and having those memories flood over you. I still have 2 jars of chestnuts packed in a sugar syrup I brought back last year that I better use soon. That's all I have left besides the Porcini Mushroom Broth cubes. I'm sure you'll recount lots of great memories as you prepare meals using those items you brought home.


Lovely products, Palma! During my trip, I went a little crazy on the lemon side, buying everything I could get my hands on that contained lemon (no wonder my suitcase was so heavy!)

judy saso:

My friend just called from Italy. She is flying back to the US in three days. She has 4- 1.5 liter bottles of fresh pressed olive oil she got from the town she stayed in. She is asking me if she is allowed to travel with the oil. Can it be packed in her luggage and be brought back to the US? Is she allowed to bring it back in her luggage? I cannot find any information on the net. Please help & hurry. Thanks Judy


Your friend can bring back olive oil...no problem! Tell her to wrap it well in her checked luggage!

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