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I have been "back blogging". I have finally completed the first two legs of our Italy trip on the actual dates they occurred. Varenna and Liguria are complete. I will be continuing to finish writing about our last days in Piemonte, and all of our time in Bologna. Be patient. I trying to do a day each day. Click on ARCHIVES on the sidebar, then "September 2008". You MUST see my corzetti stamp!

Back to the present. I am feeling better, FINALLY, from this yucky flu bug I have had for NINE days. I finally went to the Doctor, got a shot, and hope I will be at 100% soon. I have a PARTY coming up! (No fear...I'm in good shape!)

Well, this post is about handbags, or PURSES, as we say in California!

Many of you know about my Furla addiction. I have to get at least one on each Italy trip. They are truly a bargain their compared to U.S. prices.

In Genoa, I got a little gold evening bag, just like the black beaded one I bought last year. It was 30% off. I love these little bags for travel, as they pack flat, and weigh little, but they hold everything I need for an evening out. It looks a lot like a lunch bag. (My mind always goes back to food!)


Now, I'm jumping ahead to my main Furla purchase in Bologna (TWO nearby Furla shops to where we were staying.) I needed a winter white bag, and I LOVE the handle.
It is gorgeous with my new sweater (later...). This is weird photo for seeing the shape, but best for seeing the handle.


You've already seen my prize bag from Bellagio, so I guess we need to round out the four regions we visited: Lombardy, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, and Piemonte. How could I not get this little 12 Euro sweet thing in Acqui Terme? Fiona was ready to fight me for it in the street! (Of course, she can borrow it...)


More shopping results coming soon...

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Palma, sorry to hear that you've been sick. But great handbag finds!

I also love Furla and although I bought a gorgeous new purple purse from Coccinelle in Perugia, I bought a Furla watch last week in Florence the day before I flew home.

To me, these objects mean so much more when I've bought them in Italy and they have lovely memories attached!


Palma, hope you are 100% soon. Those handbag finds are gorgeous!

Barb Cabot:

Palma, I have a friend who made a documentary short film on women and their purses. At the time she was looking for women who "loved and collected" purses. If she ever does Part 2 on that theme I know who to recommend! You have a great collection and a passion for purses. I do love the gold handle on the white purse...so unique and lovely.


I am so enjoying reading about your trip! Makes me definitely want to do Northern Italy next. Scott and I had already decided that our next trip would be to Diana's but now we want to go to Varenna too! Your pictures are fabulous! I'll have to get in touch once we have some definite plans.

Hi Palma, got a Furla question for you! I bought a Furla bag (in the store on Via Farini) and since it is white it stains easily. The ladies at Furla told me I could either use neutral shoe polish to clean it, or facial soap. (Actually I don't remember if she said facial soap or makeup remover!) How do you clean your white Furla purses? Thanks!!



I usually just sponge them off with a damp sponge, but if there is a mark, or dark area, I have used toothpaste with an old toothbrush...on shoes too.

Palma, thanks so much! Yeah, I already have some dark areas that I need to get off - I will try the toothpaste!

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