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Italian Dogs

When I was single, I used to notice that while single men were not flocking to my door, most children and dogs liked me. They more than liked me, they loved me! I was like a kid-dog magnet. I have always loved children and dogs, and not much has changed.

We met lots of dogs in Italy, but this time I was traveling with Steve. Dogs (and cats) ADORE Steve. We call him St. Francis of "La Quinta". Steve is also crazy about animals. He volunteers a couple times a week at dog rescue organizations, and pets know he is their buddy.

Steve and I befriended doggy pals in three regions of Italy!
Here is Steve with Roger, a friendly boxer, who licked him for 10 minutes in a bar, and cried when we left!


Here is my buddy Bulldog in Lerici:


I made a pony-sized friend in Acqui.


There were lots of sweet dogs in Bologna.



These two Argentinian dogs figured out Steve and I were their new best friends. We would keep petting them, as long as their owner was willing to stay!


Of course the favorite Italian dog is still...




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Fabulous dogs! And they have such wonderful instincts...

awwww thanks zia palma. I was getting a little insecure there but then I saw the pictures of my (awesome) self and yelped in relief!!! maxi - boy

I got out of the habit of reading your blog while you were in Italy. Glad to be back to see all your fun posts!

I too have always attracted animals more than men, but you at least ended up with the requisite number.
I can no longer walk east on my road because there is a cat who loses his senses when I happen by and I'm afraid he'll get killed in the road.


Max has won my heart! What a cutie.

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