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The Morning After

Sunday morning, my hardworking house crew "slept in" til 7 something. Jerry was the first one up, and already blogging off a neighbor's wifi. He, Sandi and Paul had done a great job cleaning up my kitchen last night. They are guaranteed rooms for next year! I could NOT have done it without them. Not only do they follow directions when I bark out orders on kitchen prep, are willing to be tasters, sous chefs, grill, run out for more wine, and make several trips to Trader Joe's and Bristol Farms (The BF store thought Sandi was a stalker, as she kept returning to the liquor department for "stuff they don't have at the Piggly Wiggly"), they also are great at kitchen clean up!!! Who knew? (Well, actually I did, as they were also very helpful in Montisi.)

Shannon came by and we had some pre-Keedy's prosecco before leaving for breakfast.

Keedy's is our favorite dive breakfast spot. It has been around for over 50 years, and is a local landmark with the original formica tables, and great breakfasts or lunches. We needed some eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns or huevos rancheros to get over last night's food coma and soak up all that wine! I think most of us were looking pretty perky!






There were lots of hugs, and good-byes, as most were traveling home on Sunday.
Kathy, Terry and Colleen set off on a visit to Joshua Tree National Park, Jerry and Paul returned to San Deigo, and Shannon, Sharon, and Sandi came back with Brad and I to help get rid of some of that leftover prosecco and "clean up" those partially consumed wine bottles.

It was a wonderfully lazy afternoon.

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