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Air Show


Last weekend we attended the Jacqueline Cochran Air Show in Thermal (25 minutes east of us). Brad mentioned wanting to go, but assumed I wouldn't be interested. Are you kidding me? Do you know how many scrapbook shows, scrapbook stores, bead fairs, gem shows, bead shops, and HOURS of shopping in Italy, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, South Coast Plaza, Nordstroms, etc. he has put in? Well, you get the picture. A few hours at an air show were not going to kill me. We will soon be at the Stanford Mall and in Las Vegas later this month where he can return the favor. LOL


We saw many historic planes!




We saw lots of stunt flying:



We saw several different helicopters:



There were even a rainbow of colorful corvettes!


Tricks from this jet were amazing!


But my favorite moment was when Brad boarded a C-17 cargo plane. He flew on similar, but even larger cargo planes beginning in 1972 as a U.S. Air Force navigator during the Vietnam war. Of course I didn't know him then. I was naively working on an undergraduate degree in Child Development in Fresno at the time.
While I was attending sorority and fraternity parties, and going to classes in my safe little world, he had graduated from the Air Force Academy and was serving our country. I pictured a young man far away from family and friends in a world I had no real understanding of. I thought of the many young men and women who are now fighting in deserts far away. I was moved to tears. May they safely return home to their families, and some day be able to attend an event where they can share their experiences with those they love.

Here is my lovable "Soldier Boy".


Did I mention it was 96 degrees? We just couldn't get enough water. We both got sunburned. By 1:00, we were on our way to a great lunch, and Brad thanked me all day for going to the air show!

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Palma, your mention of the Stanford Mall caught my attention as it is all of 10 minutes from us.

I cannot pretend to rival your shopping stamina, but if you would have a minute to meet for caffination, we do have some experience there. Let us know your schedule, it would be great to see you!

Joan (and Fred, too)

Barb Cabot:

Palma I'm going to pass this thread on to Mike. Tell Brad, Mike would have loved that airshow and I would have too. Mike works with the Airforce on the C-17 project right now! Has flown with the team and worked with them on drop offs to both the North and South Poles last year. The guys will have to compare notes the next time we meet!
Barb Cabot

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