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Election Thoughts


It was definitely the MOST exciting election day in my life. My television went on at 2:30 PM (the last time the TV was on during the day was after 9/11). I don't even watch cooking shows, or Oprah! I spent from about 5:00 until 10 PM alternating between CNN, MSNBC, various internet sites, while sharing comments and emotions in two live chat rooms with friends from around the world! As someone said, it was like we were completely over-caffinated: gittery, anxious, then more and more excited as polls closed and more results and predictions came in. What an amazing, emotional and historical night!

Last night I was thinking back on my "addiction" to the television show "24". During the early seasons, Dennis Haysbert played the character of President David Palmer.
In this role, he was not only the first African-American president, but everything viewers wanted the REAL president of the U.S. to be: smart, honest, calm, strong, ethical, and good in a crisis. Haysbert is a huge Obama supporter, and feels his role on the popular TV show, helped pave the way for President-elect Obama.


"As far as the public is concerned, it did open up their minds and their hearts a little bit to the notion that if the right man came along… that a black man could be president of the United States,” Haysbert, who believes that Obama is the “right man,” said in the January 21 issue of TV Guide.

I pray for President-elect Obama and his family, as they look toward what lies ahead. Together, we all have some work to do. It is so exciting to see Americans full of hope!

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Shelagh (SJ):

I would venture to say that the average Canadian, the ones I know at least; are very happy to have Barack Obama taking over the driver's seat in our good neighbours country!!
Your politics are way more interesting than ours up here in Canada!!!!

It was the most exciting and emotional election night in my life also! I wish my mom was here to see this (but I have to think that she was still watching from above). It was great to share the night with you and so many others. Isn't it ironic that 24 is aired on FOX!

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