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The Great Southern California Shakeout

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 13, at 10:00 AM, southern California is having the biggest and most extensive earthquake drill ever. Schools, offices and businesses will be participating in the Great Southern California Shakeout!


I have watched a couple of videos, and the information on the nightly news, and apparently, the area where I live is LONG overdue for the BIG ONE! This drill will simulate and prepare us for a 7.8 earthquake and its aftermath. Deaths, extreme damage, fires, broken gas lines, explosions, and no power, water or gas for days or even weeks. Communication would be difficult. It sounds VERY SCARY, and is starting to freak me out.

Having grown up in California, I have experienced several earthquakes, the biggest being the '89 Loma Prieta quake in the Bay area. We have an "earthquake kit" in the garage, but need to refresh batteries, add more water, and I'm sure we could survive for quite a while out of food in my pantry. I ALWAYS sleep with shoes by my bed, but apparently if an earthquake hits when you are in bed, you should stay there. You should NOT go to a door way, but go to a sturdy desk of table (not glass,,,DUH), get under it and hold on! If you are outside, go to an open space away from buildings, power lines, or traffic. If you are driving, avoid, bridges, overpasses, etc, pull over, and put on your parking break. This drill is a good idea, and it does make us proactive.

Check out: video

For more tips, go to: http://www.dropcoverholdon.org/, and play "Beat the Quake".

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I call typo. Pantry.

I am glad they are doing this. I think you don't know till you experience it.

Thanks, Judith! That typo might have brought me some unwanted new readers! LOL

Nancy L:

I begin preparing for hurricane season here June 1 of every year, stocking up on essentials, etc + cash in small bills. I donate the canned foods to the local food bank as fall arrives. Somehow, these preparations make me feel better. I have to confess, though, that I definitely experienced some anxiety when we lived in California every time we had a strong tremor, the unpredictability of earthquakes.
We all know that if anyone is prepared it's Palmabella!



This sounds like an excellent exercise.

My brother lives in the San Francisco Bay area and I remember 1989 well, we were all so worried for him.

I didn't realize that the advice to seek shelter in a doorframe was outdated -- good safety tip!

I failed miserably during the one earthquake we had here a couple of years ago. We have lots of info on hurricane preparedness (which I sometimes take more seriously - but really should all of the time) but not much info on earthquakes. I think I would be freaked out a little also with all the doom and gloom associated with what would happen in a big earthquake. Interesting info about what to do if you are in bed.

In bed I am only 2 meters from a huge arch that holds up the entire house. I figure on cowering there like a pussy cat in a snake farm until they drag me out.

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