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Today's the Day!


I woke up at 5:05, and made coffee. Sunrise was gorgeous, with pinks and orange streaks in the brightening sky. I am hopeful, excited, and only a little anxious.

We arrived at our polling place at 6:45.


We were 34th in line. This is good!


There were seven voting booths, and we were done at 7:40. Starbucks is giving out free coffee to voters, but I came home, and Brad went off to work, an hour later than usual.

We stopped to cheer on a neighbor in his golf cart, who is trying to protect his rights.


I thought about voting early, but there is something that feels so good about getting that sticker on election day!


Now we wait, watch CNN, check the internet, chat with friends, distract ourselves for a while, and hopefully later tonight, we will celebrate. This day, we are making history!

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So fun to experience your voting experience!! Go Obama!!!! Let's hope we will all be celebrating tonight!!

I'm with you all in spirit. I do not, however, feel sorry for you for having to eat leftover scallops and lamb chops, etc. Not a whit.


Palma, you are making history! I'm so excited just to be around and able to watch it unfold.


I have scotch and champagne. We will hopefully be drinking the champagne!

I was sad that my polling place had run out of "I voted" stickers--but upon reflection, that's a very good thing!

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