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Too Many Leftovers

I thought I'd share what we did we all those leftovers from the Desert GTG! Four pans of uncooked appetizers went back into the freezer, so I am ready for holiday entertaining with sausage bundles and cheese puffs! Lots of lamb chops in the freezer too. YUM.

Brad helped by taking corn salad for lunch a couple of times. We had great salad bar fixings for dinner too. Then I had to get a little more creative.


I had four flour tortillas. I stuffed them with leftover scallops, shrimp, swiss cheese, and made a sauce from the shrimp dip! The bacon wrapped around those shrimp was amazing. Rich as hell, but who wastes scallops at $18.95 a pound. That made two meals for each of us.


Shannon's idea for lamb hash was a big hit! Potatoes, lamb chops and the rest of those grilled veggies were fabulous together!


Finally, there was the half crab dip, half artichoke dip pizza!


By Thursday, I couldn't look at any of it any more! We needed NEW FOOD! Thank goodness we are now on the "Soupers diet"!

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Palma - as one Italiana with very strong Italian mama and nonna genes (mangia, mangia) in my system to another - my only question is - do you think you can bring yourself to cook LESS for the Desert GTG 2009? Bet ya can't.


In all fairness, the party count went from 47 to 40 to 31! That said, the answer to you question is "probably not". LOL i think you are correct.

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